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    The Buddhism Bomb Paid Member

    There's so much on these Burma protests and I can't add much new information or insight, so here are some links: Buddhists fear ‘white head’ monks will give junta excuse for violence - 'White head' is slang for new monks whose newly shaven heads are still white, or more specifically, undercover policemen posing as monks. Bush Announces Tighter Sanctions on Myanmar - Cheney had to point it out on the map and tell W it's "not far from China." British PM Calls for Harder EU Stance on Burma and the best headline of all, from the LA Times: The Buddhism Bomb (which could blow More »
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    Healing Rage, Ask the Next President, and Breathing Space Paid Member

    Ruth King, author of the excellent new book Healing Rage, will be speaking at the New York Insight Meditation Center this Friday, September 28 (7–9:30pm, fee: $20) and Saturday, September 29 (10am–5pm, $40.) Register online for the Friday or Saturday session. More »
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    Today in Internet History... Paid Member

    ICANN took over the internet in 1998. ICANN is responsible for accrediting domain name registrars. Monks protesting in the western Burmese city of Sittwe were tear-gassed by the military junta. A note on the Nashville Change Your Mind Day. Zen and the art of handling a divorce -- but not Zen with a capital Z. More »
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    Good company Paid Member

    Did you know there are only three countries in the world that have not officially adopted the metric system? They are (drumroll) the United States, Liberia, and Myanmar. I don't know what Liberia's excuse is. More on Myanmar later. (Britain and Ireland and probably many other countries are part-time metric users.) I love the odd globes on that first link. The one on this page represents our fearless Leader's view of the world, by the way. (Just don't go quizzing him on the state capitals! More »
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    The Camden 28 Paid Member

    Just saw a great documentary on PBS, The Camden 28, about activism, Vietnam, and the draft, all against the sad backdrop of Camden, New Jersey, where some of the worst race riots in American history took place in the summer of 1971. (Also interesting stuff about the Catholic Left.) More »
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    Four Legs Good Paid Member

    Painter Gregg Chadwick -- see his painting "The Sound of Bells" (40" x 30" oil on linen 2005) at right -- has a show at the Arts Club of Washington (DC) running until September 29th. Press release here. Chadwick is a friend of our friend The Worst Horse. Of course the Horse found him first -- they have the jump on most of the rest of us, having four legs and all. More »