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    Graying Buddhism? Paid Member

    Clark Strand, a contributing editor to Tricycle, has raised some hackles with his recent opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, "Buddhist Boomers," which more or less follows up on his piece "Dharma Family Values" from the pages of Tricycle. Strand argues that Buddhists in America (referring primarily to converts from the Baby Boom) are getting older and Buddhist ranks are not being filled by young people. Buddhists should emulate other religions in getting children involved, he argues. More »
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    Khun Sa cashes ticket. And more! Paid Member

    A great post on mindful consumerism (and the dangers of digg) at Zen Housewife (featuring Kerouac from Dharma Bums: "work, produce, consume, work, produce, consume..." And Barry Graham aka the Urban Monk invites us all to the Phoenix Buddhist Festival on Saturday, November 3rd. BURMA: A fascinating article, "Tell a Joke, and You Disappear," courtesy of the Worst Horse. And speaking of Burma (where jokers disappear in the dark of night) one of the world's most wanted men, Khun Sa, (a notorious warlord / drug dealer dubbed the "Prince of Death" by Washington, which was frantically hunting him in the U.S. More »
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    Einstein's Quotes on Buddhism Paid Member

    6.23 Confucius said, "When a cornered vessel no longer has any corners, should it be called a cornered vessel? Should it?" - The Analects, quoted in Wing-Tsit Chan's Source Book in Chinese Philosophy, Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, 1963 The Confucian school, like many other schools of Chinese philosophy, had a theory about names and actuality, commonly called the "rectification of names." The Confucians held that the rectification of names was an ethical project, not merely a metaphysical or logical concern, because all things must be fit into their proper scheme in the universe. But you don't have to be a Confucian to want to set the record straight on Buddhism and the quotes about it attributed to various luminaries and used to promote (or defend?) the dharma. To wit: There are two similar versions of a prominent Einstein quote on Buddhism floating around the web, reproducing themselves in viral fashion. They are: More »
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    Burma and Boycotts Paid Member

    Big Buddhist week in New York last week: Thich Nhat Hanh and the Dalai Lama were in town (see the Worst Horse tracking Gawker Stalker as HH rolls through the Village), and the Tricycle office had a little gathering attended by many fine readers from the area plus Sharon Salzberg and Lama Surya Das. British PM Gordon Brown is working to put pressure on Burma. He will press for tough sanctions in the UK and the EU and asks those countries that trade most with Burma to cut ties. More »
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    More Thoughts on Burma Paid Member

    In a way global capitalism made this happen, if the protests in Burma were initially ignited by fuel oil prices -- coupled with the common human need for democracy? I don't think Bush and co. can claim much credit, but the U.S.'s longstanding support of global capitalism in all its brutal Walmart-enriching power certainly played a role. Is this a preview for Cuba or North Korea? Those countries are semi-insulated from the world marketplace, but so is Myanmar, and the internet and all our increased interconnections are bringing down walls. Could this be a preview for China twenty five years down the road? I think it was Orwell who wrote that if the people want to be free, they can simply do so, like a horse shaking off fleas. Or was it Jack London?... Ah, oil! More »
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