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    Ishikoro Paid Member

    Sarah Boxer has a piece on blogs in the New York Review of Books. I couldn't find it online, but I done learnt me a new word from it: ishikoro, (ishi - stone, koro - an affectionate diminutive) meaning pebble, referring to a disused or neglected blog (of which, the article suggests, there may be 85 million in the world, or more.) Picture a pebble thrown into a huge placid pond that sinks with nary a ripple, or a pebble packed in with 84,999,999 other pebbles on a path leading somewhere, between two rows of tall shady trees. This might be what it looks like in Japanese (if not, blame Alta Vista. Some computers / browsers probably won't be able to render the Japanese characters either): 小石 UPDATE: This NYRB article is now online. More »
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    Non-Attachment Paid Member

    We like to publish Buddhist cartoons when we get the chance. Buddhism can be funny and we published a book, Buddha Laughing, to prove it! Here's one that's not in the book from longtime contributor P.B. Law: "The beauty of it is that as long as I'm not attached to my things, I don't have to give any of them up." More »
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    This will make Scientologists happy: Prozac and Paxil may not work as well as we're led to believe. Scientists are now saying we're "some momentary fluctuation in a field of matter and energy out in space... Your memories and the world you think you see around you are illusions." Is this a problem? And is cloned beef, or lab-grown beef, that bad, given that much of the world continues to eat cows? More »
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    Dow Jones Dharma Global Index Paid Member

    More violence in southern Thailand, this time a Baghdad-style bomb in a crowded market. British groups have called for tourists to boycott Burma. India is big on family planning, and with good reason, but Buddhists in Ladakh, also known as Little Tibet, worry that if they follow this policy, they will die out. A controversial facelift for Bodh Gaya, Buddhism's holiest town, is in the works. There have been investment indices for Christians and Muslims for some time. More »
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    Accidental Dharma and the newbuddhist.com Boards Paid Member

    Check out Accidental Dharma (and post an entry on it!) It's a collaborative blog created by Peter Clothier of The Buddha Diaries. What a great idea. Ad while you're at it, stop by the newbuddhist.com discussion boards. It's a great place for newbies and grizzled veterans alike. More »
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    OCD, China, and Shakespeare in Arizona Paid Member

    Reading about perfectionism / OCD in the New York Times. A counselor at U.C. Davis treating perfectionists gives them this advice: Leave work on time. Don’t arrive early. Take all the breaks allowed. Leave the desk a mess. Allow yourself a set number of tries to finish a job; then turn in what you have. David Brooks, in another part of the paper, talks about China being a radical meritocracy (no one leaves work on time there): When you talk to Americans, you find that they have all these weird notions about Chinese communism. You try to tell them that China isn’t a communist country anymore. It’s got a different system: meritocratic paternalism. You joke: Imagine the Ivy League taking over the shell of the Communist Party and deciding not to change the name. More »