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    Diacritic or diacritical marks; Zen Zone Paid Member

    A great post on those pesky diacritic marks that trip up so many of us over at the Level 8th Buddhist. These things always slow me down when I'm trying to write Pema Chödrön. A small o with the umlaut is & # 246 ; Also, be sure to visit the Zen Zone ("pleasure island") if you go to Disney World. It's a mecca of massage. Thanks to Zen Filter for this one. More »
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    Rapping Monk in Japan Paid Member

    There's crazy stuff going on in Buddhism in Japan. Here's a rapping monk, Shaka Munibutsu, with some rhymes to slap you out of samsara and guaranteed to decrease your dukkha. He's on a mission to bring the dharma to young folks. Hope he's on YouTube soon! More »
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    Ram Dass on Knowledge Paid Member

    Information is just bits of data. Knowledge is putting them together— wisdom is transcending them. - Ram Dass, One Liners A Manual for a Spiritual Life More »
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    "Dive-bar Dharma" in Salon Paid Member

    Salon has an interesting article called Dive-bar Dharma about Ethan Nichtern and Noah Levine and the new generation of Buddhists (or at least one of the new generations) in New York. The article mentions the graying of American dharma centers, and we should note this is true of all -- or maybe we should most -- churches and religions across the industrialized world, so the solution to this problem is by no means unique to Buddhism or even Buddhism in the West. More »
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    Departure Paid Member

    Blogger / photographer An Xiao of That was Zen, This is Tao, the best name in all of blogdom, has a photo in the current issue of Tricycle. You can see it on her blog. More »
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    Sri Lanka Suicide Bombing; Severe Weather in China Continues Paid Member

    At least 11 dead and 92 wounded in a sucide bombing in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Tamil Tigers pioneered the suicide bomb. This one was a woman. Millions still struggling to get home to celebrate the New Year in China. Unusually severe winter weather including ice and snow has handicapped the huge country and perhaps exposed the fragility of its infrastructure. But a five-year plan will fix that. LIVE-BLOGGING THE SUPER BOWL: Seems like some casual racism directed at Asians in the Super Bowl ads. I think it was a Bud Lite ad and that one advertising free sales leads with the pandas. (Salesgenie?) More »