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  • The Buddhist Cellphone Paid Member

    Not sure why it's gold-plated, exactly. And it's available only in China. The best religious cell phone in the world is made for Buddhists. This highly modified and rare Nokia N70 is currently available only in China. Like other religious cell phones, the Buddhist phone has Buddhist ring tones, software and other trappings. What sets this phone apart from the pack is the sheer beauty and detail of the customization. More »
  • 8 killed in Kardze Paid Member

    Police fired on monks and civilians in Kardze in eastern Tibet, killing eight. Radio Free Asia has a lot of info on this. The monks objected to a re-education program they were forced to undergo, and the government objected to their objections. Some sources say as many as fifteen were killed, and there are also reports of at least two monks in Sichuan province committing suicide: On Saturday, the Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy, based in India, said two monks committed suicide last month in Sichuan's Aba County following government oppression. More »
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    Video-Game Monks Paid Member

    Well, monks may need some visualization training to help with on-the-street situations in China (and Burma): One of the five precepts for living a Buddhist lifestyle is that followers “do not kill,” but that doesn’t seem to extend to the world of video games. “I never thought I’d see a monk pull out his knife and hack someone to death because he’d run out of ammo!” remarked trekker Chris Lynch to Multiplayer in an e-mail exchange. “The monks I saw were mostly teenagers, dressed in dark maroon robes, but otherwise pretty much the same as boys everywhere. They were quieter, but not in an intense, competitive way — they were having a lot of fun shooting each other, and chatting among themselves while they did.” More »
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    Nirvana defined Paid Member

    Courtesy of BoSacks:  "NIRVANA, n. In the Buddhist religion, a state of pleasurable annihilation awarded to the wise, particularly to those wise enough to understand it." - Ambrose Bierce  (American Writer, Journalist and Editor, 1842-1914) More »
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    H-Buddhism Pwns the Pew Study; Paris plays with our affections Paid Member

    Another great post by Danny Fisher on The Buddhist Scholars Information Network (H-Buddhism)'s take on the Pew Study. Check it out, it's a great piece of work, and points out some major failings of the study as it relates to Buddhists. Please read some of the Samadhi Sutta in l33tspeak on the Level 8th Buddhist. This is the best synthesis of Buddhism and the web in a long time! And The Worst Horse points out that the rumors of Paris Hilton being spotted with a Buddhist monk were greatly exaggerated (deliberately.) More »
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    Stephen Malkmus Paid Member

    Ok, we were prepared to poo-poo one mention of Stephen Malkmus being a fan of Tricycle, maybe even two. But three? No, we can no longer stay silent! Besides, Pavement rocked. Here he is in index, Rolling Stone, and the Toronto Globe and Mail (purchase required for this last one.) A sharp=eyed reader in Toronto spotted the mention and wrote us a very thoughtful letter, for which we thank him. More »