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    Monkey mind Paid Member

    The age-old koan asks, "Does a dog have Buddhanature?" Well, after reading the Times article on The Evolution of Deceit this morning, we can now ask whether a monkey—or a chimp—can take the precepts. Maybe not, but he can certainly break them. Image: Toni Angermayer/Photo Researchers More »
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    ESP; 100 episodes of Buddhist Geeks; and a somber moment for single women Paid Member

    A very amusing post from Somewhere in Dhamma (based on a post from the Level 8 Buddhist) regarding an ESP experiment online. Amazing how we overthink things. Did I figure it out myself? No, I didn't. 21awake points out that Buddhist Geeks has turned 100 episodes old with their interview of Jun Po Roshi! Congratulations and best wishes to them -- Please drop by and have a listen. And congratulations are in order for Dogo Barry Graham, who gets married on December 27th. Somehow, the world feels a little smaller now. More »
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    Buddhist Board Game Paid Member

    Thanks to Konchog for pointing this one out: dhamma musings shows us a Buddhist board game. More »
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    Sangha Spotlight Paid Member

    Our Spring 2008 issue featured a story by Travis Duncan about the Air Force Academy's Vast Refuge Dharma Center—the first space on an American military base dedicated solely to meditation. But Air Force cadets aren't the only military men and women with an interest in Buddhism. It turns out that the US Naval Academy Buddhist Club offers weekly meditation classes in Annapolis, Maryland. As managing editor Alexandra Kaloyanides notes below, nirvanic pursuit can be viewed as something of a selfless task—and it seems that navel-gazing has found a natural home at the service-oriented Naval academy. For anyone interested in attending, the club meets on Sunday mornings from 10-11 am in the All Faiths Chapel in Mitscher Hall (with Kelsang Dachog) and on Tuesday evenings from 19:15-20:00 (7:15-8:00 pm) in room 107 of Luce Hall (with Don Avery). More »
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    Buddha gets a manicure Paid Member

    This is great. From Barbara's Buddhism Blog by way of Danny Fisher. More »
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    Online Silliness Paid Member

    You may remember this Slate article from 2003: Why I ditched Buddhism. Top insurer forces employees to study Buddhist teachings. Is saying f*** it the key to happiness? More »