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    Dalai Lama calls Obama's Nobel "a little early" Paid Member

    The Dalai Lama, who is still waiting for a chance to meet with the American President, calls the Nobel Peace prize award "a little early." Obama, in Norway to accept the prize now, might agree. More »
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    Buddhist Life in the Capital Paid Member

    Rev. Danny Fisher wonders why Buddhists seem to be underrepresented in Washington; after all, he points out, Buddhists in the US outnumber Hindus and Muslims, and yet while both are represented on Obama’s 25-member Advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, Buddhists are not. Read Danny's piece here. Sharon Salzberg, who holds retreats in Washington, DC frequently, has this to contribute to Buddhist life in the capital: A few years ago, when I first started going to Washington, DC regularly to lead a sitting group, my friend Eileen would take me to a “tourist” site each visit—Arlington National Cemetery, or one of the memorials. More »
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    Obama and Dalai Lama Not to Meet (Again) Paid Member

    The US government's decision to delay a meeting with the Dalai Lama during the latter's visit to Washington in October angered—or at least disappointed—many activists. Now that Obama has actually visited China, the news reports, and opinions masquerading as news reports, are coming thick and fast. More »
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    China warns Obama against seeing Dalai Lama Paid Member

    It's not surprising that China would warn President Obama against meeting with the Dalai Lama later this month, but the way Beijing warned/chastised Obama did come across as strange: "He is a black president, and he understands the slavery abolition movement and Lincoln's major significance for that movement," Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang told reporters. Qin pointed out the Chinese government had abolished slavery, which was widespread in Tibet during the regime of the Dalai Lama, in 1959. Obama should also realize that the Dalai Lama was trying to split China and was a serious challenge to its national unity. "Lincoln played an incomparable role in protecting the national unity and territorial integrity of the United States," Qin said while referring to Obama’s admiration for Lincoln. More »
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    Freeze-out in DC, thaw in Tibet Paid Member

    The Dalai Lama received a human rights award even though he was avoided by Obama in DC. (Remember the whole kata inauguration thing?) The Dalai Lama asked Obama to "champion liberty" during his acceptance speech. More »
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    Monastic crackdown in Vietnam Paid Member

    The Buddhist Channel reports that the recent expulsion of 379 monks and nuns from a Buddhist monastery in Northern Vietnam has sparked debate about the Vietnamese government's testy relationship to Vietnamese Buddhism. Since Thich Nhat Hanh's 2005 visit to the country—his first in nearly forty years—the monastic residents of Bat Nha Monastery, affiliated with Thich Nhat Hanh, have lived free of government interference. More »