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    This September 11th, skip the protests Paid Member

  • Daily Dharma - Deep Listening Paid Member

    If you have friends or relatives with whom you disagree about such things as the war in Iraq or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it can be painful. Practice deep listening: Listen without arguing, and try to hear what the other is really saying, remembering that, as Buddha pointed out, all beings wish to be happy and avoid suffering. A Buddhist practices nonattachment to views. If we human beings are going to stick around on this earth, we need to learn to get along not just with the people who share our views, but also, and more to the point, with the people who get our goat. And remember—we get their goat, too. - Susan Moon, "Ten Practices to Change the World" Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel's Tricycle Retreat is happening now on Tricycle.com! More »
  • President of Russia's only Buddhist republic to step down, may have to call on extraterrestrials for help Paid Member

    According to the Moscow Times, Kalmykia President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is ready to step down. The colorful leader of the Russian Federation's only Buddhist republic appeared in a post here earlier this year, when chess great Anatoly Karpov made it known that he'd like Ilyumzhinov’s position as president of the International Chess Federation when the latter's mandate expires this month. Ilyumzhinov is happy to step down from the presidency of the republic, or at least he's happy to humor President Medvedev, whose policy of rotating regional leadership he cites as his reason for calling it quits. More »
  • Labor Day Special: The disease of capitalism? Paid Member

    In an August 26 post, I noted 5 recent comments from Thich Nhat Hanh on the occasion of his visit to the UK. One of the quotes refers to "the disease of capitalism" (Thay's words), and I thought perhaps some would object. No one did. One, did, however, find that phrase particularly felicitous. Seedoubleyou writes: Thay’s messages are fantastic, particularly in relation to the poison of capitalism. I remain hopeful that his words stretch beyond Buddhist circles and to the ears that need to hear. In the Guardian today, the question is posed: More »
  • Religious disharmony in India, in spite of what you may have heard Paid Member

    It must have been music to Indian ears to hear the Dalai Lama suggest earlier this month that China learn nonviolence and religious harmony from India. But it was just so much noise to others. India, after all, has been witness to some of the most extreme religious and inter-caste violence in the post-war period. We read this from Andrew Suttaford over at the Secular Right: More »
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    Buddhist temple an undesirable neighbor in Melbourne suburb Paid Member

    There was some controversy over a Kwan Yin statue at a Buddhist temple in Utica, New York, but apparently Buddhist temples aren't the most desirable neighbors all over the globe. Two colleges in the suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia were planning to merge and hired a firm to choose the more desirable site for the new "super-school." From The Age: In its site suitability analysis, independent firm Arup said the oval at Lakeside Secondary College abutted an ''unsightly industrial plastic plant on the eastern aspect and a Buddhist temple at its western aspect''. More »