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    The Crackdown Begins Paid Member

    The government has begun fighting back. Two monks and a civilian reported killed. Clubs, tear gas, shots into the crowd, and hundreds of arrests. Update: More, worse. More »
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    Protest! Paid Member

    More protests in Burma. Photo from Reuters, story from the paper of record. More »
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    Burma Heats Up Paid Member

    Things are really happening in Burma. More »
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    "Dharma Family Values" by Clark Strand, and Progressive Buddhism Paid Member

    It seems like Clark Strand's piece "Dharma Family Values" in the latest Tricycle has struck a chord. It was written about (and Strand was interviewed) in and this was noticed in On Faith, an online conversation on -- you guessed it -- faith put out by Newsweek and the Washington Post. Strand's piece was also noticed by a blogger from the Courier-Journal out of Louisville, and the blog Thoughts Chase Thoughts. More »
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    Burmese Monks Demand Apology from Junta Paid Member

    Monks in Burma are continuing to stir the pot. Now they're demanding an apology from the junta running the country for continued violence during the democratic protests, and demanding the release of political prisoners, including the most famous, Aung San Suu Kyi. The junta generally treads lightly around the monks in this very Buddhist country (despite violence against demonstrating monks last week, which lead to the monks' taking hostages for a day,) but have cut off phone service in their opposition's headquarters. More »
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    L.A. Buddha Project Paid Member

    Long-Bin Chen has a way cool exhibit of "Reading Sculptures" -- sculptures made out of old reading material -- at the Frank Pictures Gallery in Santa Monica. Not exactly sure what went into the Buddha head at right. And check out this Long-Bin Chen sculpture from 2005 made out of Manhattan phone books. If you're in the southeast U.S., look for "Mystical Images of Tibet" in Myrtle Beach. Check out this cool blog on Tantric deities -- with many pretty pictures! More »