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    Tibet protests continue Paid Member

    Tibet's biggest protests in almost 20 years continue. They are outside Lhasa and outside Tibet, and they are all over the world. Western leaders continue to timorously timidly judiciously urge restraint, while the IOC urges "appeasement." Check out the Go Tibet! page at the Worst Horse. More »
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    Dalai Lama Feels Helpless Paid Member

    All eyes are on the Dalai Lama, who, though accused of instigating by some, says he feels helpless as he watches, as we all do, the events unfold. Dalai Lama video, courtesy of Precious Metal. More »
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    The Dalai Lama Calls for International Inquiry Paid Member

    The DL asks for an inquiry into Tibet saying some kind of "cultural genocide" is taking place. CNN blogs the turmoil. Updates from Tibet Daily. More »
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    Monastery Bulldozed and Burned in Burma Paid Member

    Burma's long nightmare continues. More »
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    In the Name of the People Paid Member

    China's crackdown on Tibet is an embarrassment to the Bush administration's foreign policy team (but then again, what isn't?) China was recently taken off the U.S.'s list of worst human rights offenders, and this is how they repay Dubya? Protests at Chinese consulates around the U.S. today, including New York and Chicago. [Picture at right from the Chicago Tribune.] Meanwhile China declares a "people's war": More »
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    Lhasa, Beijing, IOC Paid Member

    Will cries of "Free Tibet!" drown out China's Olympic triumph? No, says Beijing, and hell no says the International Olympic Committee. Video of the protests. Several videos on YouTube and elsewhere with fleeting glimpses of the unrest. UPDATE: Protests at the Chinese embassy in Washington. More »