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    Burmese Monks, Thai Monks, Bhutanese Politicians Paid Member

    Burmese monks taking refuge in Thailand wait, and hope for the best. More on the Thai monks networking online, including some -- to cynical Western ears -- fairly mild quotes: One user who called himself "Monk Chat" sent a message to a woman that said "(I) miss you," reported Thai Rath, Thailand's top-selling newspaper. Bhutan prepares to join the wonderful world of participatory democracy, with all that that implies (including a primary season that may last right up to the convention!) More »
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    China trying to crack U.S. computer network? Paid Member

    This story seems quite inflammatory. Cyberwars are already happening, so this would mean declaration of cyberwar by China (in the year of their Olympic triumph) if true. But remember it's all according to a Pentagon annual report. And to put it as mildly as possible, opinions vary on the trustworthiness of reports from Bush's Pentagon. More »
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    WNYC's Gift to Bhutan Paid Member

    Andrea Bernstein of WNYC spent a week in Bhutan, training local reporters to cover the nation's first-ever election on March 24th. Bernstein blogged her interesting and amusing experiences here. Hmmm, some gift. Welcome to the wonderful world of political journalism, Bhutan! A free and disinterested press is very important, of course. But there's little enough of that on these shores when it comes to covering the current U.S. campaign. More »
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    Panchen Lama Too Young for Politics, Burmese and Sri Lankan News Paid Member

    China has apparently changed its mind and now says Beijing's Panchen Lama is too young for politics. The Dalai Lama's choice for Panchen Lama remains hidden somewhere, probably under arrest. having undergone years of "re-education." U.N> special envoy Ibrahim Gambari heads back to Burma. Will he diplomatically express his dissatisfaction with Burma's "roadmap to democracy?" India, the world's largest democracy, is tightening ties with Burma. They are neighbors after all. Can India use its considerable leverage to ameliorate the situation? Time will tell, but first the money has to start flowing. Imagine your next-door neighbor beats up his wife. But he sells you lots of things you want very cheaply and lets you park your RV in his driveway. More »
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    Is Certainty Possible? Paid Member

    A very interesting Salon article on the possibility that knowledge (or the feeling of knowing) is biologically based rather than the result of thinking. So should we always say "I believe" rather than "I know"? This one will get the epistemologists and everyone else up in arms. The writer is Robert Burton, author of On Being Certain. More »
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    Falun Gong in Wellington and Tum-mo Everywhere Paid Member

    Falun Gong defies the government... the city council of Wellington, New Zealand, that is. Tum-mo and your mind/body: In a monastery in northern India, Tibetan monks sat quietly in a room, deep in meditation. Although the room was a chilly 39˚ F, the men - using a yoga technique known as Tum-mo - were scarcely clothed, but seemed unaffected by the cold. Nearby, other monks soaked large sheets in freezing cold water and placed them on the shoulders of the meditators. Within an hour, the sheets were dry. Scientists who have studied the monks - some of whom were capable of raising the temperature of their fingers and toes by 17˚ F - have yet to determine how the meditative process was able to generate so much heat. More »