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    Falun Gong in Wellington and Tum-mo Everywhere Paid Member

    Falun Gong defies the government... the city council of Wellington, New Zealand, that is. Tum-mo and your mind/body: In a monastery in northern India, Tibetan monks sat quietly in a room, deep in meditation. Although the room was a chilly 39˚ F, the men - using a yoga technique known as Tum-mo - were scarcely clothed, but seemed unaffected by the cold. Nearby, other monks soaked large sheets in freezing cold water and placed them on the shoulders of the meditators. Within an hour, the sheets were dry. Scientists who have studied the monks - some of whom were capable of raising the temperature of their fingers and toes by 17˚ F - have yet to determine how the meditative process was able to generate so much heat. More »
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    From the Blogs Paid Member

    There's so much great stuff to be found out there on the Buddhist blogs. Here's just a tiny taste: Anyone planning to be in New Haven, Connecticut on April 11th should check out Danny Fisher's lecture, "What Does a Buddhist Chaplain Do? More »
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    Thaksin to return to Thailand; Monlam Chenmo Paid Member

    Deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is expected back in Thailand February 28th. After President Bush imposed fresh sanctions on Burma's business interests, The Irrawaddy says Burma's Asian neighbors, who are bigger trading partners than the U.S., need to do the same. Reuters on Monlam Chenmo, Tibet's Great Prayer Festival. More on Monlam from More »
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    Buddhism in Vietnam and England; Buddhist Center in Kashmir Paid Member

    Buddhism has had rocky times in communist Vietnam, but now the state-sanctioned church is flexing its muscles at the expense of Catholics. But it's very different in London, where Cambodian Buddhists use a two-bedroom flat as their temple and community center. They now have no place to gather, after a recent fire. In India, the government set up a Buddhist center in Kashmir and cited the religion's influence on Mahatma Gandhi, and value as an antidote to the extremism that plagues the region. And in gratuitous celebrity news, Orlando Bloom's squeeze Miranda Kerr discusses the couple's mutual love of Buddhism. More »
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    Bhutan in National Geographic; Burma News Paid Member

    National Geographic has a piece in the current issue about Bhutan, with pretty pictures. Burma fights back at Rambo. Lonely Planet is criticized for its Burma guidebook. The Boston Globe on the world's conscience and Burma. More »
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    "Dive-bar Dharma" in Salon Paid Member

    Salon has an interesting article called Dive-bar Dharma about Ethan Nichtern and Noah Levine and the new generation of Buddhists (or at least one of the new generations) in New York. The article mentions the graying of American dharma centers, and we should note this is true of all -- or maybe we should most -- churches and religions across the industrialized world, so the solution to this problem is by no means unique to Buddhism or even Buddhism in the West. More »