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    The Dalai Lama in TIME and Newsweek; Sri Lanka Silent on Tibet Paid Member

    Tricycle contributing editor Pico Iyer writes about the Dalai Lama in TIME. And excerpts of the Dalai Lama's interview with Newsweek. Is Sri Lanka silent on Tibet because they get the arms to fight their civil war from China? The island nation, though "constitutionally bound" to protect Buddhism, has been silent because they are "heavily indebted" to China. But who isn't? More »
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    The Dalai Lama Reiterates Pledge to Resign; Taiwan Watches Tibet Paid Member

    Not much new here: More arrests, as China says 660 "surrendered" in the wake of the protests. The Dalai Lama reiterated his pledge to resign if the violence goes on. The LA Times writes that this has shaken Buddhism. The LA Times article revives the bewhiskered "god-king" description of the Dalai Lama that journalists have been cutting and pasting for years. More »
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    Violence in Nepal Paid Member

    As Konchog pointed out a few posts back, violence continues in Nepal, with police cracking down hard on protesters. Many people have been injured and hundreds arrested so far. The U.N. has expressed concern over Nepal's actions. Nepal is troubled. More »
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    China still struggling to contain crisis; New York cops beat up protesters Paid Member

    China is still struggling to contain the crisis: China sought on Wednesday to contain ongoing protests in its ethnic Tibetan regions, as it stepped up detentions in Tibet's capital Lhasa and vowed tighter control over monasteries. The western province of Qinghai was the latest area to report anti-government activities, with hundreds of civilians staging a sit-down protest after paramilitary police stopped them from marching, a Beijing-based source who spoke to residents said. "They were beating up monks, which will only infuriate ordinary people," the source said of the protest on Tuesday in Qinghai's Xinghai county. A resident in the area confirmed the demonstration, saying that paramilitaries dispersed the 200 to 300 protesters after half and hour, that the area was crawling with armed security forces and that workers were kept inside their offices. More »
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    The Tibet death toll's at 140. So are the Olympics already ruined? Paid Member

    Death toll in Tibet now 140? The numbers are difficult to verify because China controls the flow of information so religiously. Germany (a country in love with Buddhism) wants answers from China on the violence. Have the Olympics already been tainted beyond redemption by China's actions? How will China handle international (i.e. Western) protesters at the games this summer? More »
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    The Dalai Lama in Salon and the New Yorker Paid Member

    Pankaj Mishra reviews Pico Iyer's book The Open Road: The Global Journey of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama (Knopf; $24) in The New Yorker: Last November, a couple of weeks after the Dalai Lama received a Congressional Gold Medal from President Bush, his old Land Rover went on sale on eBay. Sharon Stone, who once introduced the Tibetan leader at a fundraiser as “Mr. Please, Please, Please Let Me Back Into China!” (she meant Tibet), announced the auction on YouTube, promising the prospective winner of the 1966 station wagon, “You’ll just laugh the whole time that you’re in it!” The bidding closed at more than eighty thousand dollars. The Dalai Lama, whom Larry King, on CNN, once referred to as a Muslim, has also received the Lifetime Achievement award of Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America. More »