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    The BBC on the Violence in Tibet Paid Member

    The BBC has good coverage of this ongoing crisis. Here are the headlines: Deaths Reported in Tibet Protests (an "unspecified number" of dead) Eyewitness accounts: Tibet clashes Tibet poses dilemma for Beijing (especially with the summer Olympics approaching) Eyewitness: Monk 'Kicked to the Floor' Chinese Media Silent on Tibet (so the rest of us shouldn't be) More »
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    Death in Lhasa Paid Member

    The Chinese police fired on protesters in Lhasa. There were deaths -- no word on numbers yet. The U.S. and E.U. More »
  • Tricycle Pilgrimage to India, January 2008 Paid Member

    The Tricycle pilgrimage to India was an eventful one, with so many sites visited we were all a bit winded by the end of it. This year, our unflappable Indian guide, Shantum Seth, took us down to the stone-temple caves of Ajanta and Ellora--truly spectacular. Stephen Batchelor and Shantum led mediations and teachings, and most memorable for me--after Ajanta and Ellora--was our visit to Sanchi, in Madhaya Pradesh. Sanchi is the site of some of the most well-preserved stupas and examples of Buddhist architecture. Stone structures spanning centuries are perched high on a hill overlooking the plains below. The great thing about Sanchi is that it spans a period from the third to the twelfth centuries. The earliest structures show no representation of the Buddha at all, in keeping with the tradition's focus on the teachings, not the man. More »
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    Overcoming Caste Paid Member

    An article on dalit oppression in India from the Washington Post, via Going for Refuge. Not so long ago, in the back of a tin-roofed restaurant, Ramu, a teenage dishwasher, spent his nights chained to a radiator. That's how his employer kept him from running away. Ramu wanted to flee because his boss, who was from a higher, more privileged caste, constantly berated him for showing an interest in learning to read. The boss believed Ramu had to get used to a life of cleaning up after other people because as a Dalit, a member of India's lowest and most shunned caste, he could never amount to anything. Then a foreigner who ran a private school and home for Dalit children noticed Ramu. He enrolled him in classes. More »
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    Burmese Monks, Thai Monks, Bhutanese Politicians Paid Member

    Burmese monks taking refuge in Thailand wait, and hope for the best. More on the Thai monks networking online, including some -- to cynical Western ears -- fairly mild quotes: One user who called himself "Monk Chat" sent a message to a woman that said "(I) miss you," reported Thai Rath, Thailand's top-selling newspaper. Bhutan prepares to join the wonderful world of participatory democracy, with all that that implies (including a primary season that may last right up to the convention!) More »
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    China trying to crack U.S. computer network? Paid Member

    This story seems quite inflammatory. Cyberwars are already happening, so this would mean declaration of cyberwar by China (in the year of their Olympic triumph) if true. But remember it's all according to a Pentagon annual report. And to put it as mildly as possible, opinions vary on the trustworthiness of reports from Bush's Pentagon. More »