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    Day-by-Day Account from Reuters; China warns Gordon Brown; Clarification from HHDL Paid Member

    Reuters has a day-by-day account of the "largest and most sustained protests Tibet has seen" since 1989. China warns English PM Gordon Brown about getting cozy with the Dalai Lama. And regarding his announcement that he would resign if the violence continied or esclated, the office of the Dalai Lama issued this clarification: Dharamsala, 18 March, 2008: During a meeting with some representatives of the Media this afternoon, His Holiness repeated what he told Jonathan Mirsky of the Observer, London, more than fifteen years ago that if the majority of the Tibetans in Tibet resorted to violence in their freedom struggle, he would have no option but to resign as spokesperson of the Tibetan people. On the issue of indepe More »
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    Will there be a boycott? No progress in Burma. Conflicts continue in Thailand and Sri Lanka Paid Member

    An interesting piece in the New York Times addresses Tibetans living in western China, caught between several worlds. Not surprisingly, China is said to be tightening its grip on all Tibetan areas. Meanwhile, some western European countries flirt with an Olympic boycott. [Image © Mark Trepte/The Associated Press.] More »
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    Hunger Strike; Who is the Dalai Lama? Paid Member

    From the Buddhist Channel: Tibetan exile leaders took part in a hunger strike in Delhi yesterday. And Who is the Dalai Lama? More »
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    Photo Evidence from Tibet, plus Obstruction of Journalists in China Paid Member

    Two more articles from Precious Metal: the blog. Photo evidence of Tibet horror comes to light from Toronto's Globe and Mail News of Tibet Under Scrutiny from CNN Update: Protest Maps updated as of 3/19/08. From Mikel Dunham's blog. More »
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    Tibetan Violence and the Beijing Olympics Paid Member

    Lots to talk about with Tibet. China's news agency says more than 100 protesters have surrendered. And there are no changes to their plan to run the torch down Everest and across Tibet to Beijing. The unrest won't affect the Olympics at all, officials say. More »
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    Stand with Tibet; Beastie Boys Speak Out; Young Tibetans Reject the Dalai Lama Paid Member

    From Precious Metal: Stand With Tibet, an online petition. Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys asks that you contact your Congressperson. More »