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    British intelligence says the riots were staged by Chinese agents Paid Member

    Heard a lot about this one: British intelligence says Chinese soldiers dressed as monks were involved in — no, make that started — the Lhasa rioting. This finding would confirm the Dalai Lama's assertion that the violence was staged. While this does not seem far-fetched, considering what Beijing is capable of, we should take all government intelligence with a shaker of salt, since we know it is ruthlessly used to achieve often very questionable political ends, and we have been given no proof. The whole idea seems a little whimsical, but so many of us want to believe it, since it confirms what we tend to believe about Tibetan monks and Tibetans more generally that they are not capable of the violence we have seen. That is to say, it makes an attractive narrative a little too neat. More »
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    Santi Asoke eco-village; Dith Pran passes Paid Member

    A writer for Energy Bulletin visits the Santi Asoke eco-village in Thailand. An interesting post on Buddhism and Science from Vincent Horn coming from a discussion with B. Alan Wallace on Buddhist Geeks. And killing fields photographer Dith Pran has passed away at the age of 65. More »
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    Flame arrives in Beijing; China watches domestic opinion Paid Member

    The Olympic torch arrived in Tiananmen Square to be greeted by "smiling Tibetans" in national costume rather than protesters. You can be assured the city was in lockdown. China feels that domestic opinion is more important than international opinion in weighing tis Tibet policy. Surely Americans at least can understand this attitude. China seeks India's "understanding and support" for its Tibet policy. More »
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    Protests follow the torch Paid Member

    More protests (from pro-Tibet groups as well as Falun Gong members) as the Olympic flame is handed over to the organizers of Beijing 2008 in Athens. More »
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    WSJ on Tibet Paid Member

    Picked up a Wall Street Journal this weekend and noticed their coverage of Tibet was quite thorough. Here's a link to some of it. The Western media seems to be coming around more to describing the Tibet protests as riots where innocent Hans and Tibetans were injured or killed. But if China wonders why it is getting such bad press and such close attention to its internal affairs, it's the Olympics, dummy. More »
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    China's PR engine (vs. Tibet's) Paid Member

    Continuing its PR campaign, China says it will compensate civilian victims of the Tibetan violence. Some have charged China is inciting race hatred by indicting the Tibetans all across the media. Things really are creeping closer to 1936. After the blogs attack, CNN has to clarify how it is covering the Tibet crisis. Doubtless most of the Western media has a slightly starry-eyed view of the Dalai Lama and Tibet, and furthermore a prejudice against communist China. The Dalai Lama is not perfect, and Tibet was no paradise before the 1950s. More »