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    China's PR engine (vs. Tibet's) Paid Member

    Continuing its PR campaign, China says it will compensate civilian victims of the Tibetan violence. Some have charged China is inciting race hatred by indicting the Tibetans all across the media. Things really are creeping closer to 1936. After the blogs attack, CNN has to clarify how it is covering the Tibet crisis. Doubtless most of the Western media has a slightly starry-eyed view of the Dalai Lama and Tibet, and furthermore a prejudice against communist China. The Dalai Lama is not perfect, and Tibet was no paradise before the 1950s. More »
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    Monasteries Closed Paid Member

    We've been hearing rumors to this effect for a while now -- monks are locked in monasteries in Tibet. No supplies going in, nothing coming out. The monks are now said to be facing "patriotic re-education." A peaceful protest turned into a riot, and China couldn't handle it. Maybe the world will actually get a message through to China on this: If you want to host the world in your country this summer, you will be scrutinized. More »
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    Monks who spoke to journalists in Lhasa will not be punished, Beijing says; Tibetans want the Panchen Lama Back Paid Member

    Monks speaking out to foreign journalists in front of the Jokhang (the journalists were on a Beijing-sponsored tour of Lhasa) will not punished, says China.For some reason, in light of all the attention Tibet is now getting, this seems very encouraging. (But if the world blinks, those monks will be snatched right up and spirited away.) Meanwhile China continues to deal with the fallout from the Tibet protests: "This is exactly what the party leaders didn't want," said Li Datong, a senior magazine editor who was fired in 2006 after an essay in his publication challenged the party's official history. More »
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    What China is Doing Paid Member

    Here's a real clue as to what's going on inside China: The government is stirring up hatred of Tibetans, which is what is always done in war. More »
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    More thinkin' 'bout a boycott; Will sponsor Coke be pressured to back off the Games next? Paid Member

    Time for a boycott? Not yet, says the Economist: BERLIN, Tokyo, Mexico, Moscow, Los Angeles, Seoul: the Olympic games are often “political” events, occasions for the flaunting of national progress, or for protesters to enjoy global publicity. The Beijing Olympics this August were never going to be any different. Indeed, when it competed for the right to play host to the games, China used a political argument: that this would help China's “reform and opening”. But the games are now overshadowed by the spectre of nationalist unrest in Tibet and China's unyielding response to it. In some Western countries there have been calls for governments to back a boycott of the games. More »
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    Robert Thurman Speaks Paid Member

    Danny Fisher quotes Robert Thurman on why China needs the Dalai Lama, an interesting read. What will the 21st century be like? More »