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    Envoy asks that torch be kept out of Tibet; more arrests in Burma Paid Member

    Lodi Gyari, envoy of the Dalai Lama, asks Beijing to keep the torch out of Tibet. He also says the situation in Tibet is "grim". Norway may also skip the opening ceremonies. The EU calls inviting the DL to Brussels "doable." More arrests in Burma: 52 since January. More »
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    What should the U.S. do? Paid Member

    Nicholas Kristof: So what do we do? A boycott of the Olympic Games themselves is a nonstarter. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has raised the possibility of a boycott of the opening ceremony, and that is plausible. The best answer is: Postpone the decision until the last minute so as to extort every last ounce of good behavior possible out of the Chinese government — on Darfur as well as Tibet. But at the end of the day, if there have been no further abuses, President Bush should attend — for staying away would only inflame Chinese nationalism and make Beijing more obdurate. If President Bush attends the ceremonies, however, he should balance that with a day trip to a Tibetan area. More »
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    Beijing Stokes Terror Fears, Calls Protesting Monks "the scum of Buddhism" Paid Member

    Beijing claims the "Dalai clique" is planning Olympic attacks. The Chinese leadership must be feeling a little nervous with protests having spread to the Muslim northwest of the country. With so many foreign journalists around they can hardly fake the attacks, as some claim they did in Lhasa. They want things to be smooth, but are hedging their bets in case they aren't, and will use the West's favorite buzzword: terrorism. In fact, it's surprising the Dalai Lama hasn't been labeled a terrorist or equated with Osama Bin Laden. Oh, wait. More »
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    Xinjiang Paid Member

    More on the second front of protests in western China: Muslims in Xinjiang. More »
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    Richard Gere on Tibet Paid Member

    Danny Fisher points out that Beliefnet has an interview with Richard Gere and other information on Tibet. Not only is he dreamy, he's smart and principled. And Richard Gere's not bad either. More »
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    China fears suicide bombers; Amnesty lambasts China Paid Member

    China has been talking about suicide bombings in Tibet for a while now, perhaps in order to capture the Western obsession with terrorism, but so far nothing like this seems to have happened. It is true that the Tibet protests have spread unrest to other minorities, including western China's considerable Muslim population. More »