• The Torch and the Golden Gate Paid Member

    The protests move to San Francisco, the only American city the torch will visit. A least six protesters arrested so far. They were worried about this -- the city being a famous hotbed of protest and political activism. Not everyone in the Bay Area is on board with the protests, of course. More »
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    London Protest Reports Paid Member

    Great reports from the protests in London over the weekend courtesy of Konchog at DODR and Students for a Free Tibet. CNN's take here. More »
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    Flame snuffed out twice in Paris? Paid Member

    The Olympic torch protests continue -- the flame was seems to have been snuffed out twice in Paris, and more protests are promised today. The IOC is now calling for a peaceful solution to the unrest, which is literally now all over the globe. UPDATE: Was the flame merely lowered? More »
  • Honored Guest or Pain in the Neck? Paid Member

    India weighs its relationship with the Dalai Lama. More »
  • 8 killed in Kardze Paid Member

    Police fired on monks and civilians in Kardze in eastern Tibet, killing eight. Radio Free Asia has a lot of info on this. The monks objected to a re-education program they were forced to undergo, and the government objected to their objections. Some sources say as many as fifteen were killed, and there are also reports of at least two monks in Sichuan province committing suicide: On Saturday, the Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy, based in India, said two monks committed suicide last month in Sichuan's Aba County following government oppression. More »
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    Don't forget the Uighurs Paid Member

    China is cracking down on many minorities, not just Tibetans. The world has to keep an eye out for this. Tibet grabs the headlines, but there are many other groups also at risk. Case in point is the protests in Xinjiang. 70 Uighurs were recently arrested in the Silk Road city of Kashgar. And because they're Muslim, they're much vulnerable than Buddhists to being called terrorists in the eyes of the world. More »