• The Torch Will Go On Paid Member

    Even though the torch's victory lap is turning into a torture tunnel for Beijing, the journey will continue. Next stop: Buenos Aires. More »
  • Violence in Sri Lanka and Thailand, Natural gas revenue in Burma Paid Member

    Burma's trade hit an all-time peak last year: $8.7 billion, much of it in natural gas exports to Thailand, according to the Bangkok Post. (UPDATE: Danny Fisher has a great post on remembering Burma today, with an amazing, Pulitzer-prize winning photo by Reuters photographer Adrees Latif as well.) The Tamil Tigers ask Norway to intervene in the vicious Sri Lankan civil war. More »
  • Torch arrives in North America Paid Member

    If you're going to San Francisco... The IOC might end the torch's action-packed international tour because of all the protesters. The torch's global journey was supposed to highlight China's growing economic and political power. More »
  • The Torch and the Golden Gate Paid Member

    The protests move to San Francisco, the only American city the torch will visit. A least six protesters arrested so far. They were worried about this -- the city being a famous hotbed of protest and political activism. Not everyone in the Bay Area is on board with the protests, of course. More »
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    London Protest Reports Paid Member

    Great reports from the protests in London over the weekend courtesy of Konchog at DODR and Students for a Free Tibet. CNN's take here. More »
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    Flame snuffed out twice in Paris? Paid Member

    The Olympic torch protests continue -- the flame was seems to have been snuffed out twice in Paris, and more protests are promised today. The IOC is now calling for a peaceful solution to the unrest, which is literally now all over the globe. UPDATE: Was the flame merely lowered? More »