• Buddha Buzz: Buddhist News from Around the World Paid Member

    There's a lot going on in the world—it's hard to keep up! This is "Buddha Buzz," our weekly roundup of Buddhist news from around the world. Check back on every Friday to see the latest. Take a look at the mock-up plans for a Buddhist temple planned to be built in Taicang, China. I like to call it the "Aladdin genie" of Buddhist temples...because you ain't never seen a temple like this one. (And Aladdin ain't never had a friend like the genie.) More »
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    The Buddha on 11th Avenue Paid Member

    This sweet story has been forwarded to Tricycle more than a few times. It appeared in Oakland Local's "Community Voices" almost a month ago. You can click the following link to read the original piece, by Dan Stevenson, in its entirety: "Saving Oakland's 'Favorite' Buddha." For years the street divide of 11th Avenue in Oakland, where Stevenson lives, was a mess. Garbage and mattresses were dumped there illegally and constantly. It was a favorite spot of graffiti taggers, drug dealers, and public urinators. But because of the city's slow response time to neighborhood complaints, Stevenson and another neighbor were left with the responsibility of cleaning up the trash, human waste, and graffiti. More »
  • Buddha Buzz: Taiwan's First Gay Buddhist Wedding and Other Great News Paid Member

    July, it seems, is a very auspicious month for Tibetan Buddhists. Last Friday was the Dalai Lama's birthday, and tomorrow it's Pema Chodron's 76th. Happy Birthday, Pema! Although she is in retreat for the entirety of 2012, she's holding a virtual online retreat in honor of the occasion. If you register here (it's free), the Pema Chodron foundation will email you a pre-filmed video with advice, encouragement, and meditation instruction. In a culture in which a person expects to receive gifts on a birthday, not give them, many thanks to the Pema Chodron Foundation and, of course, Pema herself for their generosity. More »
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    Rebuilding Bagan Paid Member

    "Burma" has been quite the Western media buzzword lately. What with Aung San Suu Kyi's European tour, Rakhine's riots, and ongoing debates about which name—Burma or Myanmar—is appropriate to call the long-calamitous nation, the country's wins and woes have saturated the pages of many publications. More »
  • Buddha Buzz: Birthday Parties and Abandoned Dogs Paid Member

    Happy birthday to the Dalai Lama! His Holiness turns 77 today. Here he is greeting Ogyen Trinley Dorje, one of the two claimants to the Karmapa's throne, at his birthday party in Dharamsala. And here he is again with some excited birthday revelers. You can see more photographs of the festivities on his official website. More »
  • Buddha Buzz: A Dog is a Pig is a Bear is a Boy Paid Member

    We're tackling the big issues in Buddha Buzz today: capitalism, vegetarianism, and Buddhist business.  In an article reminiscent of Tricycle's own "Occupy Buddhism: Or Why the Dalai Lama is a Marxist", GOOD magazine's Kira Goldenberg examines Western yoga's relationship to capitalism in "Bad Karma: Can Yoga and Capitalism Get Along?" The short answer to the title is no—not really—if you care about keeping the tenets of yoga intact. Goldenberg begins the piece, More »