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    Buddhists continue to be targeted in southern Thailand Paid Member

    Buddhists are fleeing the terror-hotspot of Pattani in southern Thailand. While the Muslim insurgency there isn't causing much of a stir in the West (guess why) it is a fact of life for many Thais. Buddhists find themselves being targeted in a war where the insurgents are mostly anonymous, and make few demands. Muslims are a small minority in Thailand, but they dominate the south of the country near the Malaysian border. More than 1000 people have died in the conflict since 2004. Philip Ryan, Webmaster More »
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    Prison Dharma Paid Member

    Maria Sudekum Fisher of the Associated Press reports on the growing number of services for Buddhists behind bars in an article printed in the Houston Chronicle (now on the Buddhist Channel.) The article cites Lama Chuck Stanford, the Buddhist representative of the Kansas City Interfaith Council, the Prison Dharma Network in Boulder, the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Zen Mountain Monastery's National Buddhist Prison Sangha, and St. More »
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    China's Still Mad at Nehru Paid Member

    The Times of India reports that a Chinese Communist Party newspaper has published a "document review" describing how Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first prime minister, supposedly misled China's premier Zhou Enlai concerning Tibet. Nehru supported Tibetan independence, the Chinese paper says, but was not honest about it: Nehru had assured Zhou that New Delhi respected China's sovereignty over Tibet and then encouraged the Dalai Lama to work for Tibet's independence, the paper explained. More »
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    Document Points to Origin of Bamiyan Statues Paid Member

    A sutra was unearthed from one of the Buddhas of Bamiyan destroyed by the Taliban (and according to Swiss filmmaker Christian Frei, Osama Bin Laden) in 2001, according to Taiwan's China Post. The document, discovered by a German team, contains markings that may indicate a sponsor of the Buddhas' construction. (The city and monasteries in the Bamiyan valley were wiped out by Genghis Khan, according to a tendentious account of Afghan Buddhism.) Similar documents have been found inside Japanese Buddhas, but this is the first recorded instance of one being found inside an Afghan Buddha. More »
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    Atrocities Against Dalits Paid Member

    The Buddhist Channel reports on terrible atrocities committed to Indian Dalits. This is news because of the anniversary of Ambedkar's conversion to Buddhism, and the continued incentives for Dalits to leave the caste system. Philip Ryan, Webmaster More »
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    Untouchables Still Turning to Buddhism Paid Member

    The Dalai Lama and others have spread the message that religions should no longer compete for "market share" and Buddhism is not generally thought of a missionary religion, but it's still picking up converts. In Nagpur, India on October 14, the 50th anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's conversion to Buddhism, more than 9000 untouchables or dalits—this according to Catholic News, though actual numbers seem to vary significantly in different accounts—followed his lead and converted as well. More »