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    Junta tries to shut down internet Paid Member

    The junta is censoring emails and blogs, trying desperately to keep word from getting out. But we will learn eventually. At least nine dead, what else? Here's one Burmese blogger that still seems to be posting now and then. (Blogs are perfect for this eyewitness stuff. History may remember this, eventually.) The junta has a long history of violence -- Christian Science Monitor explains it all for you. More »
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    Buddhist Channel on Burma Paid Member

    The Buddhist Channel is closely following the goings-on in Burma. More »
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    Burma Action Plan Paid Member

    This email came yesterday from the U.S. Campaign for Burma: Here's What You Can Do to Support the Saffron Revolution Dear Supporter, Courageous people of Burma, under the leadership of Buddhist monks, began a national strike today. Over 200,000 people, monks, nuns, students, actors, journalists, doctors, housewives, elders, people from all walks of live join in the national strike in Rangoon today and many other cities through out the country. More »
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    More from Jim Carrey Paid Member

    We were reminded that Jim Carrey has YouTubed more on Burma (video here) so we've posted the link here. Sorry for the oversight. Also see the U.S. Campaign for Burma site. Great to see Carrey and other celebs speaking out for a truly great cause, a cause we can all serve by not staying silent in the face of oppression and repression. UPDATE: Up-to-the-minute account of happenings in Rangoon. More »
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    Saffron Revolution Paid Member

    More on the so-called saffron revolution (even though Burmese monks' robes look more like red.) Violence continues in the streets; the UK Telegraph reports on how Buddhism permeates Burmese life (and thus the people empower the monks); an editorial in the Bangkok Post wonders what Buddhists outside Burma can do. More »
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    The Crackdown Begins Paid Member

    The government has begun fighting back. Two monks and a civilian reported killed. Clubs, tear gas, shots into the crowd, and hundreds of arrests. Update: More, worse. More »