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    More Dalit Mass Conversions Paid Member

    Buddhism took another step towards reintroducing itself to its birthplace last Sunday when Dalit leader and writer Laxman Mane led one of India’s famed “mass conversions.” These controversial events, in which thousands or even hundreds of thousands of low-caste or Dalit Indians take refuge formally in the Dharma, have been drawing more and more attention as they gradually spread through the low-caste population of the subcontintent. More »
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    Dalai Lama's Visit Down Under Runs into Controversy Paid Member

    When the Dalai Lama set up his trip to Australia way back when, he might have known he would run into some trouble. China is tightening its vice-like grip around the world because capitalism is designed to deliver the best products at the cheapest possible cost, which means using the cheapest (i.e. slave) labor. People will argue back and forth about globalism, protectionism, the free market, etc., but meanwhile, as the world's richest democracy spends precious lives and lots of money in a certain Middle Eastern country, the world's richest dictatorship grows richer selling cheap products to the democracies of the world. (China's also wisely developing closer relations with Africa.) More »
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    Thai Monks Call for Buddhism to be Declared State Religion Paid Member

    Buddhist monks are planning to stage a rally in central Bangkok on April 25th to pressure the Constitution Drafting Committee to enshrine Buddhism as the state religion. The military regime currently controlling Thailand is resisting this move, and urging all involved to carefully consider what they are asking. The monks involved do not seem to represent the Buddhist leadership in Thailand, nor are they explicitly involved with a political group. More »
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    Tiny Steps Forward Paid Member

    It was a pleasant surprise to see that fast-food giant Burger King has decided to give preferential treatment to providers of cage-free eggs and cruelty-free pork. It doesn't take much exposure to the horrors of how animals are raised for food to make even the most carnivorous human take pause. I've heard that farmers and those who deal with the animals while they are alive, and while they are being killed for our dinner plates, are (generally speaking) very strongly supportive of more humane ways for these animals to live and die. Of course, those of us walking by the tidy shrink-wrapped packages in the refrigerated section of the local supermarket don't have to think about this much if we don't want to. And not all of us have the luxury of choosing to pay more for organic/cruelty-free/cage-free whatever... More »
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    Thailand lurches toward Chaos Paid Member

    Bad news keeps piling up in Thailand. Three (Buddhist) women were shot in what some headlines call an "ambush" yesterday in (80% Muslim) southern Thailand. They were in a truck travelling to work. As a response the (Buddhist) government has sent security forces south, and where there are troops there will be abuses. The government denies it is "disappearing" Muslims and blames the mess on the previous government. Human Rights Watch is keeping an eye on this situation. Thailand's government must be called to account. More »
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    Buddhist chaplain thrown out of jail Paid Member

    Buddhist chaplain Frank Tedesco was kicked out of the Pinellas County Jail recently for allegedly breaking jail rules and bringing contraband behind bars. (Pinellas County is in the Tampa Bay area and contains the city of St. Petersburg, Florida.) From The St. Petersburg Times: Tedesco, 60, an unpaid volunteer, thinks the blowup stems at least in part from a Christian bias. More »