• Meditation Month, Day 4: The Perfect Sit Paid Member

    This is my third year participating in the 28-day commit to sit, and each year I’m reminded that the conditions for integrating a daily practice into my life are never “perfect.” There’s always some challenge, some distraction, that gets in the way of what I had hoped would be four weeks chock-full of blissful moments of peace and tranquility. More »
  • A Real Pain in the Butt Paid Member

    The author of this guest post, Cator Shachoy, founder of the nonprofit organization Youth Yoga Dharma, is currently leading a Tricycle community discussion about dealing with pain that arises during meditation. Join in on the discussion here.  Let’s talk about your pelvis. You know—that big bony area at the geographic center of your body. Odds are good that you take it for granted. You may even be annoyed by the bony pokey-ness of it when you sit. Perhaps you think the less you feel your pelvis, the better. More »
  • Buddha Buzz: Buddha Porta Potties, Marine Mindfulness, and Tibetan Rap Paid Member

    I don't know what Dutch company Boels Rental was thinking when they green-lighted an advertising campaign that involved images of Shakyamuni Buddha printed on Porta Potties around the Netherlands, but it's safe to say they didn't expect a massive Facebook campaign, led by two Thai Buddhists, demanding that the images be taken down. The campaign gathered such support that only two days after it began, the company had apologized and promised to "withdraw the designs from the market." More »
  • Buddha Buzz: Buddhist News from Around the World, Week of December 31 Paid Member

    Happy New Year, everyone!  Over the holiday break, Tricycle was saddened to hear of a Christmas Day plane crash in Burma in which three Burmese died and the founders of the Community Meditation Center, Susanna Weiss and Allan Lokos, were injured. While Susanna suffered broken vertebrae in her back and has been released from the hospital, Allan, the center's guiding teacher and a frequent Tricycle contributor, received severe burns on his hands, legs, and head, and remains in the ICU of a hospital in Singapore. WNYC has the whole, harrowing story here. Please pray for the couple's health and swift recovery. More »
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    Buddhists Aim to Bring Mindfulness to the Ballot Box Paid Member

    (RNS) The mindfulness movement has seeped into Silicon Valley, Capitol Hill, and even the United States Military Academy at West Point. Next stop: the voting booth. A new California-based group wants the estimated 5 million Americans who practice mindfulness to move off their meditation cushions and into the polls on Tuesday (Nov. 6).  If meditation can calm hyperactive kids, ease the pain of drug addicts and tame the egos of Fortune 500 CEOs, it can surely help a stressed-out and polarized country choose a president, says the Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams. More »
  • Working with Mindfulness Paid Member

    Mirabai Bush is the co-founder of the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society, an organization devoted to bringing contemplative practice into mainstream institutional life. Though its current focus is on higher education, Bush herself is known for her work at such corporate behemoths as Google, Monsanto, and Hearst Publications, where she has taught mindfulness training. Her most current work in the corporate landscape has been at Google alongside Chade-Meng Tan, a Google engineer, and Daniel Goleman, author of the book Emotional Intelligence, in developing an emotional intelligence, mindfulness-based course called Search Inside Yourself. More »