• Six Lessons from Patrul Rinpoche Paid Member

    Last fall, Phakchok Rinpoche discussed six lessons from Patrul Rinpoche, a 19th-century Tibetan teacher, on what we are actually missing in life. The message was sent out on Guru Rinpoche Day, which celebrates Padmasambhava, the 8th century teacher credited with bringing Buddhism to Tibet.   “Many of us try to practice and I think is very important to have a clear idea of the wrong qualities we have in life and their actual nature,” Phakchok Rinpoche wrote in on Nov. 21, 2015. Below is his further explanation of Patrul Rinpoche’s teachings: “The proud will never be pleased" More »
  • Love, Loss, and the Grocery Store Paid Member

    I‘m in mourning. For my supermarket. Don’t roll your eyes. Your local grocery store is a pretty important life support, right? So when I heard that the Food Emporium on the corner was closing, I went into a depression. Not quite like the one I’d have felt if a friend had died, but close. We’ve been together for almost 30 years, the Food Emporium and I. Longer than most of my friendships. More »
  • Buddha Buzz: Weekend Reading Paid Member

    With the year’s end approaching, it’s time to take stock of everything that happened over the past 12 months and dream about what kind of year you’d like 2016 to be. And letting go. If those two words resonate with you—if you’re holding onto something you’d like to not carry with you through the new year, consider Kevin Griffin’s online course, “Letting Go and Going Forward.”   And, if you have a holiday break planned, think about taking an hour to watch “The Mindful Revolution,” the Tricycle Film Club’s current feature, which dives into the role of meditation in the corporate world.  New on Tricycle this week: More »
  • 5 Things I Miss About Being A Hardcore Meditator Paid Member

    When 2015 dawned, I thought it would be a great year for total liberation. Specifically, mine. So I committed myself to becoming a hardcore meditator.  I found a teacher, became a one-on-one student, and began doing at least 90 minutes of Vipassana a day. It was rough. I’d been an underachieving Buddhist for a long time and the total immersion was a shock. I told myself to tough it out; I told myself it was get enlightened or die tryin’.  I chickened out after six months. My practice got to a point where I dreaded the cushion and the highly rigorous meditation technique. After years of laziness, I was suddenly overwhelmed and my life went sideways. I tried to get way too serious, way too fast. More »
  • Buddha Buzz: Weekend Reading Paid Member

    The case of the Dalai Lama and the future of Tibet is hitting the mainstream this weekend, with Pankaj Misra’s article, “The Last Dalai Lama,” appearing in print on Sunday. The article is already available online here.  This isn't the first time His Holiness has hinted that he might be the last of the title (he told the BBC in 2014 that he might be the last leader of the tradition). More »
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    Slow the F@*k Down Paid Member

    Late last fall, after my third cold in less than two months, I went to see my integrative doctor. It was my rare day off. I had been ridiculously busy working long hours all of September and October. I said something about catching whatever bugs had popped up that everyone else seemed to be getting. She laughed and said, "Sebene, it’s not like the cold and flu arrive on a plane from somewhere else. There are as many microbes now as any other time of the year." Duh, of course. Wait, then why do we all get sick in the fall and winter? She answered: "It's because we have lost harmony with the rhythms of nature." More »