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    Brooks has Buddhism on the Brain Paid Member

    Maybe I can interview him for Tricycle. Discussing Malcolm Gladwell's new book, he David Brooks writes: Most successful people also have a phenomenal ability to consciously focus their attention. We know from experiments with subjects as diverse as obsessive-compulsive disorder sufferers and Buddhist monks that people who can self-consciously focus attention have the power to rewire their brains. Control of attention is the ultimate individual power. People who can do that are not prisoners of the stimuli around them. They can choose from the patterns in the world and lengthen their time horizons. This individual power leads to others. It leads to self-control, the ability to formulate strategies in order to resist impulses. More »
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    Sangha Spotlight Paid Member

    Our Spring 2008 issue featured a story by Travis Duncan about the Air Force Academy's Vast Refuge Dharma Center—the first space on an American military base dedicated solely to meditation. But Air Force cadets aren't the only military men and women with an interest in Buddhism. It turns out that the US Naval Academy Buddhist Club offers weekly meditation classes in Annapolis, Maryland. As managing editor Alexandra Kaloyanides notes below, nirvanic pursuit can be viewed as something of a selfless task—and it seems that navel-gazing has found a natural home at the service-oriented Naval academy. For anyone interested in attending, the club meets on Sunday mornings from 10-11 am in the All Faiths Chapel in Mitscher Hall (with Kelsang Dachog) and on Tuesday evenings from 19:15-20:00 (7:15-8:00 pm) in room 107 of Luce Hall (with Don Avery). More »
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    Meditation and Your Immune System; Erik Davis; Dukkha Paid Member

    The latest on meditation from research at UCLA: It may help your immune system. Danny Fisher interviews Cambodia scholar Erik Davis. And Wisdom Quarterly on Dukkha: Five Painful Facts. More »
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    Meditating Monks Ignore Earthquake Paid Member

    An earthquake rocked L.A. yesterday, fortunately causing little damage. It managed to scare the usually unflappable Judge Judy, but a group of monks meditating at a Thai temple were unfazed. A meditator was also shown to have special insight in problem-solving according to the New Yorker. Hat tip: the good folks at Thanissaro Bhikkhu's Metta Forest Forest Monastery. And it seems someone is saying meditation can slow HIV. Most of this article is behind a free registration link. More »
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    Change Your Mind Day 2008; 3-year retreat; Jodo Shu Research Institute Paid Member

    Change Your Mind Day: Two videos featuring Roshi Pat Enkyo O'Hara of New York City's Village Zendo up on YouTube, from 2007 and 2008. More videos here. Back into the world after a three-year retreat in France. More »
  • Burmese Still Lack Aid Paid Member

    A month after the storm, hundred of thousands of Burmese still have received no aid. Moe than 69,000 people have died in the earthquake in China's Sichuan province, and because many of the survivors did not have insurance (or the right kind of insurance) they're finding themselves out in the cold. And more on incense being bad for your lungs. More »