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    The Big Sit, Day 8 — Don't jump out the window Paid Member

    Four of us sat together in the office today. Managing Editor Alex Kaloyanides was master of ceremonies as usual. I had a hard sit -- I was anxious and hungry and I was impatient for the bell to ring. But then surprisingly toward the end there was, maybe, a small hole in the clouds and the sun came through and so when the bell did ring I felt good and took my time standing up. As Thanissaro Bhikkhu said in our Meditator's Toolbox (Spring 2007): When you end your meditation, be very careful with how you open your eyes. Try to maintain your center inside rather than letting it flow outside. Then, maintaining your center, get up from the cushion and keep the center inside as long as you can. More »
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    The Big Sit, Day 7 Paid Member

    A quiet morning sit with snow all around. Back to the grind tomorrow! More »
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    The Big Sit, Day 6 Paid Member

    Day 6 -- the weekend. Weekends are more difficult for me personally partly because I am in the extremely unusual (and fortunate) position of being able to sit at work! So my weekend sits are like most people's weekly sits... anyway, all went well. Hope everyone else had a nice first weekend sit as well! More »
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    The Big Sit, Day 5 Paid Member

    A few minutes into our daily sit at the Tricycle offices, I remembered something terribly important that needed to be taken care of, and soon. It was so important, in fact, that I considered getting up from the cushion and attending to it. Did it have to do with my flight this evening to Detroit, where I'm visiting family for the weekend? An art permissions request gone terribly wrong for the upcoming Summer 2008 issue? The mattress being delivered to my apartment this afternoon? I'm not sure. But I do know that I'll be reminded shortly. More »
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    The Big Sit, Day 4 Paid Member

    We had a good sit in the Tricycle office today. (I was seeing city patterns in the carpet.) Here's what's new on the Big Sit site: The Weekly Discussion topic on the Precepts is generating some heat, but the teachers haven't weighed in yet. (Two of them, Josho Pat Phelan of the Chapel Hill Zen Center and Elihu Genmyo Smith of the Prairie Zen Center, contributed dharma talks, which you can read on the Discussion page. More »
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    The Big Sit, Day 3 Paid Member

    Day 3: No mailmen interrupting us today! The sit felt a bit long for me personally. We used a mediatation timer we all loved (until we found out how expensive it was!) There's so much discussion over this, we plan to have a feature on how people time their sits over on the Big Sit site -- free online ones, ones on your iPhone if you're lucky enough to have one, using an incense stick of a certain length, a kitchen timer... More »