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    Marc Lesser: Accomplishing More by Doing Less Paid Member

    Marc Lesser, author of Z.B.A, Zen of Business Administration and Less, is now hosting a discussion at the Tricycle Community. Marc also blogs at He writes: "Our daily incessant busyness - too much to do and not enough time; the pressure to produce a to-do list and tick off items by each day's end - seems to decide the direction and quality of our existence for us. But if we approach our days in a different way, we can consciously change this out-of-control pattern. It requires only the courage to do less." More »
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    Your To-Do List Paid Member

    Take a moment and imagine that your to-do list was complete. What would you do then? See this guided meditation by Marc Lesser, author of Less: If you have just a few minutes, try this -- Imagine that your to-do list is complete. (Take a breath, relax, I know this can be difficult, startling.) Actually, take a few breaths; relax, settle... Imagine, you pull out your list of things to do and everything is done, crossed off, complete. Then you look at your list of projects – also done, complete. Then you search through your list of aspirations, things missing in your life, all the things that are lacking, incomplete, or need improvement. Imagine -- all done, nothing missing, nothing lacking, complete, just right. Just imagine for a few seconds. Read the rest. More »
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    Big Sit Meditation Tip Day 47 Paid Member

    You can take some simple steps to spare your back and knees. Some light stretching before sitting can make the experience more comfortable and prevent stiffness. Buddhist practitioner and yoga teacher Cyndi Lee writes, The notion of union is at the heart of both hatha yoga and meditation practice. Yoga, from the Sanskrit yuj, to yoke or bind, refers to the union of apparent opposites: masculine and feminine energies, small mind and big Mind, inner vision and outer awareness, steadiness and ease. We think of yoga as a balancing of mind and body. More »
  • Economic downturn has psychological side effects Paid Member

    An article in today's New York Times surveys recent research on the psychological stressors of a dismal economy. 2009 has seen an increase in calls to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and many are turning to medication and meditation. A related multimedia feature profiles a number of individuals struggling with economic anxiety. Our upcoming "What Does Being a Buddhist Mean to You?" column in the Summer 09 issue will feature readers' responses to the economic meltdown. And look out for other economy-related discussions in the coming months at the online Tricycle Community. More »
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    Big Sit Day 46 Meditation Tip Paid Member

    "On retreats, sittings run between thirty and sixty minutes—most are forty-five—and the regular sittings that we have here in Cambridge last for an hour. The amount of time is less important than the regularity. It is good to sit a little longer than you want to so you see the part of your mind that resists practice, but you don't want to torture yourself." - Larry Rosenberg, Breath by Breath (Shambhala, 1998) More »
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    Big Sit Meditation Tip Day 45 Paid Member

    "The true practice of zazen is to sit as if drinking water when you are thirsty. There you have naturalness." - Suzuki Roshi. Day 45: halfway there! More »