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    Big Sit Day 42 Meditation Tip Paid Member

    To stop the mind does not mean to stop the activities of the mind. It means the mind pervades the whole body. (A paraphrase from Shunryu Suzuki Roshi.) More »
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    Big Sit Day 41 Meditation Tip Paid Member

    Here's your Big Sit Day 41 Meditation Tip: Find a style of meditation you enjoy. The more you enjoy meditation the more you will want to do it. There are several guided meditations for your listening enjoyment on the Tricycle Community -- just click the Audio tab. More »
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    Big Sit Day 40 Meditation Tip Paid Member

    Don’t cheat: “If you’re counting the breaths, for example, don’t let it be Enron style. An honest accounting works wonders for the spiritual bottom line.” - Tricycle contributing editor Mark Magill More »
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    Day 39 Big Sit Meditation Tip Paid Member

    When your mind wanders, don't get discouraged. That's what minds do. The practice is in coming back to the breath. More »
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    Day 38 Big Sit Meditation Tip: Count Paid Member

    Count the breath. On your in-breath, count "one"; on the out-breath, count "two"; and so on, up to "ten," and then begin again. More »
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    Day 37 Big Sit Meditation Tip: Equilibrium Paid Member

    If you're straining too hard to maintain concentrative focus, let go and listen to the sounds around you. More »