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    Big Sit Day 41 Meditation Tip Paid Member

    Here's your Big Sit Day 41 Meditation Tip: Find a style of meditation you enjoy. The more you enjoy meditation the more you will want to do it. There are several guided meditations for your listening enjoyment on the Tricycle Community -- just click the Audio tab. More »
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    Big Sit Day 40 Meditation Tip Paid Member

    Don’t cheat: “If you’re counting the breaths, for example, don’t let it be Enron style. An honest accounting works wonders for the spiritual bottom line.” - Tricycle contributing editor Mark Magill More »
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    Day 39 Big Sit Meditation Tip Paid Member

    When your mind wanders, don't get discouraged. That's what minds do. The practice is in coming back to the breath. More »
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    Day 38 Big Sit Meditation Tip: Count Paid Member

    Count the breath. On your in-breath, count "one"; on the out-breath, count "two"; and so on, up to "ten," and then begin again. More »
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    Day 37 Big Sit Meditation Tip: Equilibrium Paid Member

    If you're straining too hard to maintain concentrative focus, let go and listen to the sounds around you. More »
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    Day 36 Big Sit Meditation Tip: Coffee Paid Member

    A little groggy, Bodhidharma, the first Zen patriarch, cut off his eyelids to stay awake. He tossed them aside and legend has it tea leaves blossomed at the very spot they landed. We don't suggest you try this in your garden at home but tea does work wonders, and meditators have drunk it for centuries to stay awake. You can drink coffee, too, says Peter Doobinin of New York's Downtown Meditation Community, who told Tricycle: Some people say that it was actually Buddhist monks who discovered coffee. The story goes that they were wandering around in the forest somewhere when they came across the beans. They started chewing them and thought, "These are great. We can use this energy for our meditation practice." If you are going to get up in the morning and sit, it doesn't have to be first thing. Get up and have a cup of coffee if it helps. It's when you start taking out the newspaper and doing other stuff that you lose the freshness of mind you have when you first wake up. More »