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    Welcome to the Let’s Dance: Discovering the Path of Meditation online discussion page! This space is reserved as a place to share your thoughts and experiences throughout the meditation course. If you have a question, leave it here—your meditation teachers from Juniper will be dropping by throughout the course to help. More »
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  • The Woman in the Photograph Paid Member

    “That is Martine just before I shaved her head,” the monk exclaimed. He pointed to the inside of a souvenir book featuring photographs of past residents at Songgwangsa, a Zen temple in southwestern Korea. Everyone else recognized the woman in the photograph. I did not. The woman, of course, was me.   I had never seen the picture. It captured a young lady with glasses and long dark hair, about 22 years old. I took a photo of the photo for my record. Whenever I look at the image, I have the same strange feeling of non-identification. I don’t feel that I know who this person is: What was she like? What were her hopes and aspirations?   More »
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    Path of Freedom Paid Member

    Acharya Fleet Maull is the founder of Prison Dharma Network, Peacemaker Institute, and National Prison Hospice Association. Learn more about Maull's work and the Prison Dharma Network in Tricycle's interview with the teacher, and watch his Tricycle Retreat here. More »
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    Meditation Month: The Final Day Paid Member

    I've discovered an excellent way to end Meditation Month: I'm going to commit to sit through the month of March. Who's with me!? Image: The Trike team in our new offices, which we moved into this Monday. (L-R): Emma Varvaloucas, Managing Editor; Andrew Gladstone, Digital Media Producer; Joanna Piacenza, Web Manager; Alex Caring-Lobel, Associate Editor.  More »
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    February is Meditation Month! The Tricycle team members have challenged ourselves—and our readers—to meditate every day and blog about our experiences. We needed a little help, so we called in bestselling author and meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg to lead our meditation-themed retreat this month and speak to us on how to incorporate meditation practice into the workplace. More »