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    Meditation, hold the Buddhism, toss the baby Paid Member

    A lot of people are ditching Buddhism and teaching meditation, and their students may scarcely know that the mindfulness meditation they're practicing was taught by the Buddha. The Guardian's Ed Halliwell writes: So what happens when Buddhism meets our secular world? Whereas some students of Asian emigre teachers in the 60s and 70s appeared spellbound, wide-eyed with enchantment at exciting foreign rituals, many western teachers have moved on – Jack Kornfield recently explained that "more and more, we're teaching meditation not as a religious activity, but as a support for living a wise, healthy and compassionate inner life". More »
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    Longing... Paid Member

    After a few days of sweltering heat the idea of being on a mountain top with the wind in my hair sounds truly lovely. Image: Prayer Flags at Desolation Lookout, July 1995 from Poets on the Peaks: Gary Snyder, Philip Whalen & Jack Kerouac in the North Cascades text and photography by John Suiter.  More »
  • How to move objects with your mind Paid Member

    VIA the Summer 2010 issue of Lotus Lantern magazine, courtesy of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.  Cartoon by Bae Jong-hoon More »
  • This is Getting Old: A discussion on aging at the Tricycle Community Book Club Paid Member

    We're discussing Susan Moon's new book, This is Getting Old: Zen Thoughts on Aging with Humor and Dignity, at the Tricycle Community Book Club this week. You can also listen to an interview with the author before moving on to the discussion. Bodhipaksa (known online for, among other things, his Fake Buddha Quotes) calls Susan Moon "one of Buddhism's funniest writers." More »
  • Buddhism, Money, and the Recession: Where to Invest? Paid Member

    I recently came across an interview on the BBC website in which  Tibetan-Buddhist nun Lama Zangmo, living in London, speaks about the virtues of having no material possessions: More »
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    Enough talk, it's time to save the whales—again. Paid Member

    This blog has been full of whale talk lately, and whatever our differences, I think most of us agree that it's time to do something to save our mammalian kin. I've just received this and want to share it with you—the Whaling Commission is to hold a final vote to legalize commercial whale hunting, and here's your chance to do something about it. Or, read the letter from below and help them meet their goal of garnering one million signatures (as of this writing, they are at over 900,000): Dear friends, More »