• Organic architecture in Ladakh, India Paid Member

    The monastery photo from yesterday’s blog post on Bhutan made me think back on my trip through Ladakh, India a couple of years ago. I went with a friend who was involved with Himalayan Health Exchange, a health care service program that works in medically under-served Himalayan communities. I was so moved by the architecture in Ladakh—it felt so organic, in harmony with the landscape. Here’s a couple photos from that trip and some journal scribbling. Behind the main range of the Himalaya in northwest India, secluded in the south of Ladakh, the mountains of Zangskar rest on a morning blue backdrop. I’m walking through a wide river valley with massive dry, brown peaks calling my attention. The open sky and jagged rock mountains fit together perfectly. When will I be perfect? More »
  • Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman: A Conversation (Part 1). A Tricycle Web Exclusive Paid Member

    To watch part 2 of this conversation, click here. More »
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    Dashboard Buddha Paid Member

    Sometimes an image of Buddha can just help produce a smile on a grey day as this one did on the community site.  This photo is one of more than 6,000 photos that Tricycle readers have posted there. If you like, please send us your photos—we'd love to share them with our readers! More »
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    Tricycle cover artists make waves on museum roof Paid Member

    Here at Tricycle we love to follow the work of artists that we've collaborated with in the past. Such has been the case with Mike and Doug Starn, twin brothers whose artwork has twice been featured on Tricycle covers and who continue to produce exceptional creative work on ever widening scale. More »
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    Buddhist Pet Funerals Paid Member

    My last pet was an orange tabby that died at the age of nearly 20. A friend, who had been caring for him, insisted we gather with a few others who'd been fond of the cat to scatter its ashes in Central Park. I felt a little silly but I was truly sad to lose my feline friend—especially since he was the last vestige of a relationship that had ended sadly. We trudged out in the snow late in the evening (we were pretty sure we were violating some city ordinance) and scattered his remains in fistfuls as if we were seeding a lawn. More »