• Tricycle responds to Elephant Journal columnist Paid Member

    A short while ago, in an attempt to streamline the flood of information coming to us via Twitter, one of our team reduced the number of feeds we follow from something like 380 to around 60. No harm was meant (indeed, some have declared it "weird" to be followed by a magazine) and we apologize to those we offended. There are many, many Buddhists on Twitter and we actually do read our feed. More »
  • The Dalai Lama and the BP Oil Spill

 Paid Member

    Planet Green published an article yesterday entitled, “How Heeding the Dalai Lama’s Advice Could Have Prevented the BP Oil Spill.” Using a statement about interconnectedness on the Dalai Lama’s Facebook page as a launch pad, Matt McDermott considers what a broader sense of self might do to our environmental impact. More »
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    Music of the dharma Paid Member

    What does the dharma sound like? On the new CD Dhamma Gita: Music of Young Practitioners Inspired by The Dhamma producer Hanuman Goleman brings together original musical compositions by young practicing Buddhists. The album is a fruitful and original collaboration between those who have found musical inspiration in their meditation practice--though they do not consider themselves "Buddhist musicans" they do consider themselves "musicians who practice Buddhism." Each artist featured on the CD brings a distinct tone and voice to the compilation--some tracks are reminiscent of American folk music while others are closer to hip-hop--with songs ranging from "Hello Mister June Bug" by Lela Roy to "Lama Care for Me" by Monique Rhodes. More »
  • Joan Halifax: On Grief and Buddhism Paid Member

    This dewdrop world Is but a dewdrop world. And yet, and yet— —Issa, Eighteenth-century Japanese poet Roshi Joan Halifax gave a beautiful talk on grieving last week, which is available as a podcast at the Upaya Institute and Zen Center’s website. One of the sources she uses for articulating the experience of grief is the stunning poem above, which she says “opens the hand of grief.” Joan is intimate with grief. It’s plain that she’s made an effort to come to know grief personally through experience, and she encourages others to open up to that experience as well. More »
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    By the Light of the Moon Paid Member

    In our recent issue Wendy Johnson wrote beautifully about her personal connection with the moon and on the links between the moon's cycle and life here on earth.  Though Johnson has devotedly gardened with respect to the lunar phases for thirty years, she recognizes the importance of keeping a balanced mind. (The sun's important too!)  Read more here. The above image was taken by Megan Reichman, a member of the Tricycle Community. More »
  • Brazilian military police go Zen Paid Member

    If you've seen Pixote (or read newspapers), you probably don't hold Carioca policemen in high regard. But try Espirito Santo, a state in Brazil's southeast, where military police "are developing interpersonal relationship skills, emotional balance and discipline in a Zen Buddhist monastery." You can read more here. If you read Portuguese, you can see it in Globo. And if you don't, you can still watch the video there. More »