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    Nepal Watch Paid Member

    If you're looking for info on Nepal you can't do much better than Mikel Dunham's blog. Frequent updates, in-depth articles, great photos, and even info for tourists planning to visit the country -- for Nepaloholics, this site has it all. More »
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    Painkillers, IPU, India - China - Japan - Burma Paid Member

    Many people live with chronic pain with no hope of relief. But others have apparently had better luck relieving their suffering. Some notes on Vicodin and that family of painkillers from the AP: More than 200,000 pounds of codeine, morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone and meperidine were purchased at retail stores during 2005, the most recent year represented in the data. That is enough to give more than 300 milligrams of painkillers to every person in America. I don't really know how much 300 milligrams is in terms of painkillers per person, but it sounds like a lot. I think the average dose is around 5 or 10 milligrams? No word on whether Rush Limbaugh was included in the counting. If so that might explain why the figures skew so high. More »
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    Newly comment-able: Buddhism butts heads with the status quo Paid Member

    When this blog started it received as its first visitors a rampaging horde of spambots -- this led to the restricted comment policy (only people with WordPress accounts could post) which led to the dearth of comments here, which bothered some people. Well, the gate is now lifted. Welcome, human commentors! Picture the armies of spambots doomed to troll the web eternally, looking for open doors. Are there 10 spambots for every human on the web? More? More »
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    Two Takes on Thich Nhat Hanh Paid Member

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    Buddhists Blown Up in Thailand and a Blow-up Buddha in New York Paid Member

    The title of this post is very dark, but that's just because this situation in Thailand could use more attention. Here are some brief notes from around the infobahn: The powers that be in Gujarat have decided that Buddhism and Jainism are not merely branches of Hinduism. This ruling happened because of the recent and continuing conversions of dalits. The nationalist Hindu government wanted to say that the conversions weren't actually conversions. But maybe the law saying that Buddhism didn't exist would paradoxically protect Buddhists from persecution? Funny how India keeps trying to swallow up its problem child. “If Buddhists are treated as part of Hinduism, then all its followers in China, Japan and much of South-East Asia become Hindus,” said Girish Patel, a noted social activist. More »
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    The formation of an independent council of elders Paid Member

    By Historic speech Today I received news of something I have been wishing would happen for a long time: an independent council of intelligent, well-meaning elders who can advice on how to improve this world. Such a group has just been formed, and you can watch or read about it on The Elders. I feel this endeavor is admirable and deserves our support. Welcome Despite all the ghastliness that is around, human beings are made for goodness. The ones who ought to be held in high regard are not the ones who are militarily powerful, nor even economically prosperous. More »