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    Stand with the Burmese Protesters Paid Member

    Sign this petition to show your support for the protesters in Burma. Show your solidarity, from the U.S. Campaign for Burma Sympathy protests in Japan. A Japanese journalist is said to have been killed by the junta -- will the Japanese government apply pressure? And the countries have the most influence over the junta seem reluctant to use it. More »
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    Burma is Important Paid Member

    Our friends at the Worst Horse remind us all that Burma is Important. Please check this out. More »
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    Buzz, Buzz Paid Member

    Need a buzz of bliss? Check out Nichiren's Coffeehouse for all your Nichiren needs. Actually, not all your needs: more about Nichiren here. Have you heard about Survivor China? More »
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    Ayn Rand, Austrian Students, and the Vatican Paid Member

    Did you know that Ayn Rand was Buddhist? (Or that Alan Greenspan was an Objectivist? Yeesh.) Rand’s idea of “the virtue of selfishness,” Ms. Moore said, “is a harsh phrase for the Buddhist idea that you have to take care of yourself.” Ms. Moore is "Darla Moore, vice president of the private investment firm Rainwater Inc." People keep buying Ayn Rand's books and, according to this article, she keeps winning the hearts and minds of CEO's and corporate climbers to this day. More »
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    Change Your Mind Day 2007 and more on Burma Paid Member

    Tricycle's virtual Change Your Mind Day 2007 is tomorrow, September 15th, 2007. Check it out for some audio and video teachings from Roshi Pat Enkyo O'Hara, Genpo Roshi, the Dalai Lama, Tara Brach, Thanissaro Bhikkhu, Lama Surya Das, Thubten Chodron, Jack Kornfield, and Pema Chodron. As reports come in from other Change Your Mind Day events held around the country, including some held as far back as June, we'll post them on And here's more on the crackdown on Burma's National League for Democracy in the wake of the ongoing protests against the ruling military junta from the Washington Post. More »
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    Monasteries Under Surveillance, Freedom from Fear Paid Member

    The military junta in Myanmar is keeping Buddhist monasteries under surveillance because monks have been rippin' it up right under the dictatorship's noses over the past few weeks. And it seems the letter from Hollywood glitterati to the U.N. Sec-Gen has yielded fruit: At U.N. headquarters in New York, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stepped up his pressure on Myanmar's military leaders, saying he was committed to working toward the "full democratization" of the country. More »