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    Germans Love Buddhism. Christopher Hitchens Hates It. Paid Member

    Interesting article on how hard Cubans must work in order to blog. They have to pretend to be foreign and sneak into the big hotels that have unfiltered -- or at least more open than elsewhere on the island -- internet pipelines to the rest of the world. (The blog mentioned, in Spanish of course, is here.) This is a small part of what our fellow humans living under totalitarianism must do to have their voices heard. Be thankful for your political freedom and don't take it for granted! More »
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    Burmese Days Continued Paid Member

    The situation in Burma has exposed links with the dictatorship all over the world. Obviously, most of Burma's trading partners will be neighbors, just as the U.S.'s largest trading partner is Canada. This has put southeast Asia -- already a troubled area with two Communist countries (Vietnam and Laos) and two other military dictatorships (Burma and Thailand, which has a virulent Muslim insurgency in its south) -- in a tight spot. As a result, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations opposes sanctions on Burma, and Singapore is said to be "a crucial ally" of the junta. The Western Powers (The U.S., France, and Britain) have issued a "softened" UN statement decrying the crackdown in Burma. More »
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    Even More Asian Classics Paid Member

    As reported here previously, the Asian Classics Input Project is doing great work making classic Buddhist texts available, in a searchable database, no less-- they're now on Release number 6 -- check it out. The junta claims weapons were found in Buddhist monasteries after the crackdown on the democratic protests Maybe they were and maybe they weren't but no one believes the Bulldog and his clowns anyway. The Dalai Lama spoke with the fine folks at the Ithaca Journal about his book, The Good Heart: A Buddhist Perspective on the teachings of Jesus. More »
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    Who Isn't Doing Enough for Burma? Paid Member

    Bill Kristol, who is a vociferous supporter of the Surge and everything else the U.S. is doing so well in Iraq, says in the Washington Post that the U.S. ought to lean on China re: Burma. Fair enough. (China opposes U.N. sanctions against Myanmar and is widely perceived to be the regime's biggest -- or only -- friend.) But then he goes on to wonder if "limited military actions, overt or covert" might be directed against the Myanmar junta. More »
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    The regime's view Paid Member

    We know what's going on with the Free Burma side. But here's a poster that allows us  to glimpse into the propaganda of the regime ruling Myanmar. - Philip Ryan, Web Editor  More »
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    Buddhists for Burma Paid Member

    Russia and China vote to take no action on Burma in the Security Council. Again, if the U.S. hadn't abused and exploited the U.N., it would be easier to benefit from the good things the Security Council can actually do. The Myanmar state media says 2,093 people had been arrested in the crackdown and that 692 of them have been released. Human Rights Watch calls these numbers "very plausible." The Wall Street Journal discusses politically active monks and says the junta has used Buddhism to its own ends over the years. More »