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    "Soulless Scientism" Paid Member

    This NYT blog post on the stem cell debate -- and various other issues where religious warriors wade into deep water to do battle with the krakens of science -- caught my eye. Among other things, a commentor suggests scientism, a word I'm fond of, is invented by the right (like "Islamofascism"): Alas for the Christians, who have had to fight a mighty, mostly losing battle with scientists. The last ditch effort, creating a new word, scientism, for a general ad hominem is pretty lame. Perhaps they should switch to Buddhism, in which the conflicts are rare. - Philip Ryan, Web Editor More »
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    Web help, Bird flu, and Cardinal Zen Paid Member

    Our friends at Metta Forest Monastery, whose buildings and grounds were spared by the terrible September October fires in southern California, have not been so lucky with their website. Their site is down and it might be nice for some web-savvy friendly Buddhist webmaster-type in southern California to lend a hand. Their contact information is here. I visited Metta Forest a while ago and had a wonderful time. So why aren't I living there as a renunciate and earning merit for you all? Sigh. BURMA: Blood rubies, bloodshed, kleptocratic bureaucrats, monks bludgeoned in the streets, and now bird flu. More »
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    Science and Faith Paid Member

    This appeared in the New York Times recently (and has some bearing on a recent post here): In other words, the laws [of physics] should have an explanation from within the universe and not involve appealing to an external agency. The specifics of that explanation are a matter for future research. But until science comes up with a testable theory of the laws of the universe, its claim to be free of faith is manifestly bogus. - Philip Ryan, Web Editor More »
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    Happy Thanksgiving Paid Member

    "May this be for our relatives. May our relatives be happy!" - 7. Hungry Shades Outside the Wall, Khuddakatha (Short Passages) from Handful of Leaves 4, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu More »
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    Blog Blowback Paid Member

    The New York Times blog commented on Clark Strand's WSJ piece a while back. (See this post as well if you like.) There are many interesting comments following the NYT post: You certainly can't argue that Mr. Strand doesn't know how to ruffle some feathers. Many people seemed to miss that this was an opinion piece that appeared in the Wall Street Journal, although it's true that a related article appeared earlier in Tricycle. It seems Brad Warner of Hardcore Zen wants a job, a good job! More »
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    Life's Big Questions Paid Member

    This is a guest-post from Lama Surya Das. I have been asking people around the country about what is their big life question. Many say in return, “What do you mean?” I say—“You know, the big questions of life and death, the afterlife, God, suffering, meaning and purpose, truth, happiness, love.” And they inevitably say, “Oh, those big questions.” For everyone is familiar with them. We are all faced with these questions throughout life, as well as with the many little quandaries of daily life. How well and to what degree we attend to them varies from person to person and from decade to decade. I myself feel well endowed with the Why Chromosome. More »