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    When You're Falling, Dive Paid Member

    Manhattanites in the mood for Mark Matousek can head to the Barnes and Noble at 97 Warren St tonight at 7 pm. He'll be reading from his new book, When You’re Falling, Dive: Lessons in the Art of Living. More »
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    The Karmapa on PBS Paid Member

    Tonight on PBS's Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly: an interview with the Seventeenth Karmapa. From the press release: In a conversation with correspondent Kim Lawton, the Karmapa Lama talks about his increasing public role and how he can help the modern world better understand the teachings and main purpose of Buddhism: "It does seem to be the case that I am receiving more and more recognition in the world. And my main aspiration is that I use this recognition for a beneficial purpose . . . The essential points of Buddhism are beyond culture and beyond traditions." The interview will be available online at after 8:30 pm today, or watch tonight at 5 pm EST (check your local listings). More »
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    An Xiao Now Paid Member

    A portfolio of work by An Xiao--photographer, poet, Buddhist, and all-around superstar--is up on Tricycle's website, along with an exclusive interview. Check it out! New Yorkers can enjoy An Xiao's work in two additional places this summer: An Xiao at Alphabet Scoop, with StreetHaiku Ice Cream An Xiao will be showing her popular Coney Island photos, including one from her new Coney Island Snow series, at Alphabet Scoop, a homemade ice cream store in Alphabet City. More »
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    "Security considerations" keep away Olympic crowds Paid Member

    China is getting a little bit of security-itis. They must have caught it from Dick Cheney's America. The plush lobby of Beijing’s Kerry Center Hotel is usually crowded with foreign guests, many of them listening to jazz and sipping martinis in Centro, the hotel’s fashionable bar, or lining up for taxis after dinner at the Horizon restaurant. Tiananmen Square in Beijing is a landmark for tourists. But the city has yet to experience an expected boom in foreign visitors. More »
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    Karmapa at Naropa Paid Member

    Danny Fisher has the video. (Also see the Karmapa Visit blog.) More »
  • Buddhist Holidays Paid Member

    I came across a gathering (the Lotus Lantern Parade) in celebration of the Buddha's birthday yesterday in New York's Union Square (quite the Buddhist hotspot lately) and it made me think how scattered holidays are in western Buddhism. Maybe westerners don't want them, having secularized the holidays of their cradle religions. But it seems to play into the worries Clark Strand expressed over the future of the dharma in America. Pardon the crummy cellphone picture. More »