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    By now it's commonplace to take about biofuels driving up the price of food (though some say this effect is overstated since food prices are rising all across the board) and encouraging deforestation. Similarly, the price of silicon is dropping, which means cheaper solar energy -- But silicon production creates large amounts of very toxic waste. More »
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    Meatpaper Paid Member

    A magazine about meat -- the idea of meat, that is. More »
  • Earth Day Paid Member

    (Don't forget Earth Day next week!) More »
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    World Food Crisis; Street Zen Paid Member

    The world food crisis: Scientists and economists worry that the reallocation of scarce water resources — away from rice and other grains and toward more lucrative crops and livestock — threatens poor countries that import rice as a dietary staple. More »
  • Ths Cost of Going Green Paid Member

    An appeal is made to the E.U. to slow down on using biofuels, which can be worse for the earth per gallon than fossil fuels. But on the other hand it's a little frightening that India (along with many other countries) is building huge coal-burning plants as fast as they can. As Andrew Revkin writes: The decision [to build the coal-burning plants] powerfully illustrates one of the most inconvenient facets of the world’s intertwined climate and energy challenges — that more than two billion people still lack any viable energy choices, let alone green ones. More »