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    Agent Orange's Toxic Legacy Lives on in Vietnam Paid Member

    More than thirty years have passed, and Vietnamese people of all ages are still suffering. Children who weren't even born when the war ended were exposed either though their parents or through environmental contamination. The government of Vietnam cannot afford to help the many dioxin victims. Many U.S. veterans have received money from the several companies that produced Agent Orange, but will the Vietnamese ever see any compensation or help? More »
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    The war on food miles Paid Member

    More on the war on food miles. Ronald Bailey from the conservative reasononline argues that air freighting food accounts for a small fraction of the CO2 emitted in getting food from farm to our plates, and that we're better off growing food where it's cheapest to do so. Of course, this is capitalism's answer for everything, and explains why it's cheaper to make New York City's manhole covers in India. More »
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    Burmese Blogger Nay Phone Latt sentenced to 20 years in prison Paid Member

    A Burmese blogger, Nay Phone Latt, was sentenced to twenty years and six months in prison for mocking the brutal and humorless criminals who run Burma. His blog, in Burmese, is here. (The standoff between Burma and Bangladesh has ended as well. More »
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    Beijing's New Buddhist Academy; Burma's Resolve Paid Member

    Beijing is building a general Tibetan Buddhist Academy in Tibet. It's claimed to be the first of its kind but the real idea is to continue the process of wresting control of Buddhism from the lamas and into the hands of the "appalling old waxworks" in Beijing. More »
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    Land-Use Reform in China; 365 Days of Trash Paid Member

    Rural reform is a big part of communism -- take the huge estates, break them up into plots for small farmers to work, and so on, but the state owns the land. China is moving in the opposite direction and starting to re-privatize the land. (In North Korea, where people are starving, this would have a big impact. Fields that people own seem to produce more.) China's communism is very pragmatic and based on money these days rather than ideology. Money will keep them in power. Beijing wants farmers to consume: Increasing incomes in the countryside is a major part of the government’s effort to raise China’s domestic consumer spending at a time the overall economy is slowing. More than 700 million people are still designated rural inhabitants, yet their spending is minimal. More »
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    The Hidden Costs of Eating Meat Paid Member

    Ezra Klein, who blogs so often and well on food-related issues, discusses feedlots, where most of our meat comes from, the subsidization of meat which hides its true cost, and Michael Pollan's food proposals for our next president. Overconsumption of meat imposes huge costs on both the environment and on public health. And that's to say nothing of the indefensible cruelty that characterizes CAFO operations. Yet we spend billions to subsidize ever cheaper meat. And billions more to treat the ill health that results from our meat-heavy diets. And we will pay billions, even trillions, more, to handle the environmental damage that eventually results from these policies. More »