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    One Track Heart: The Story Of Krishna Das Paid Member

    Welcome to the Tricycle Film Club! In 1970, Jeffrey Kagel walked away from the American dream of rock 'n' roll stardom, turning down the chance to record as lead singer for the band soon-to-be the Blue Oyster Cult. Instead, he sold all his possessions and moved from the suburbs of Long Island to the foothills of the Himalayas in search of happiness and a little-known saint named Neem Karoli Baba. One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das follows his journey to India and back, witnessing his struggles with depression and drug abuse, to his eventual emergence as Krishna Das, world-renowned spiritual teacher and Grammy nominated chant master. More »
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    Elemental Paid Member

    Welcome to the Tricycle Film Club! Elemental tells the story of three individuals united by their deep connection with nature and driven to confront some of the most pressing ecological challenges of our time. More »
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    Film Club: The Tricycle | BuddhaFest Online Film Festival Paid Member

    Tricycle Film Club is on hiatus for the Tricycle | BuddhaFest Online Film Festival. The Film Club will resume with a new film on August 5th. More »
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    January Film Club: American Mystic Paid Member

    Welcome to the Tricycle film club! Set against the rich, color-soaked backdrop of America's rural landscapes, American Mystic is a bold documentary that braids together the stories of three young Americans who have chosen to sacrifice comforts in order to embrace the fringes of alternative religion. The film follows Chuck, a Lakota Sioux sundancer in the badlands of South Dakota; Morpheus, a pagan priestess living off the grid in northern California's old mining country; and Kublai, a Spiritualist medium in the former revivalist district of upstate New York. In the radical, separatist spirit of early America, each has extracted himself from the mainstream in order to live immersed in his faith and seize a different way of life. It is a film, as one critic wrote, about "people's struggle to maintain their deeply held beliefs in a world that doesn't share them." More »
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    December Film Club: Sunrise/Sunset Paid Member

    Welcome to the Tricycle Film Club. The daily life of the Dalai Lama is brought home with remarkable intimacy in Sunrise/Sunset, the new movie at our film club this month. Providing total access to His Holiness' daily activities, the filmmakers follow a day in the life of the Dalai Lama from when he wakes up at 3 AM until his bedtime at dusk. Starting with his morning fitness routine and continuing on through the private audiences, press conferences, and blessings he imparts every day, the film is a comprehensive and compassionate document of his everyday habits. As the sun begins to set, and with his duties completed, the Dalai Lama sits down with the filmmakers for a wide ranging interview covering topics related to the essence of the universe, the gap between the rich and the poor, and the role an individual has to play in religion and contemporary society.   More »
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    November Film Club: The Tibetan Book of the Dead (Part 2: The Great Liberation) Paid Member

    Welcome to the Tricycle Film Club! Death is real, and it comes without warning. An ancient source of strength and guidance originating in the spiritual cultures of the Himalayas, The Tibetan Book of the Dead remains an essential teaching for reminding us of this fact and aiding us in dealing with it. Narrated by Leonard Cohen, this two-part series explores the sacred text and visualizes the afterlife according to its profound wisdom. We showed Part 1: A Way of Life in October and are now showing Part 2: The Great Liberation. Part 2: The Great Liberation follows an old lama and his novice monk as they guide a Himalayan villager into the afterlife using readings from The Tibetan Book of the Dead. The soul's 49-day journey towards rebirth is envisioned through actual photography of rarely-seen Buddhist rituals, interwoven with groundbreaking animation by internationally acclaimed filmmaker Ishu Patel. More »