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  • Buddhist Training for Modern Life Paid Member

    In "Buddhist Training for Modern Life" (Interview, Spring 2012), Segyu Rinpoche, the founder of the Juniper School, discusses how Juniper is extending the lineage of Buddhist transmission in a way that is suited to a Western understanding. In this community discussion we will be exploring culturally appropriate ways to transmit Buddhist teachings to Westerners. How do we avoid, on one side, the danger of mimicking cultural artifacts that have little meaning in a new place and, on the other side, losing the potency of the tradition? What is the benefit of holding a lineage for ourselves and others, and how do we meet the responsibility of doing so? More »
  • Ask the Meditation Doctor! - A discussion with Brad Warner Paid Member

    It's meditation month here at and to celebrate, we're offering a free e-book, Tricycle Teachings: Meditation, to our Supporting and Sustaining Members. But you don't need to be a member in order to sit with us every day in February. That's what we're doing, inspired by Sharon Salzberg's Real Happiness Challenge, and we'll blog our experiences here. More »
  • Fresh Beginnings Paid Member

    Image: New Years Day 2007, Sensoji, Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. Many people come from near and far to make Sensoji, the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo, their first temple visit of the New Year. This first temple visit is known as Hatsumōde and is an annual tradition for many Japanese of all ages. The smoke in the background is ceremonial incense. (From the Flickr photostream of Slap Ayoda) More »
  • Obstacles & Roadblocks Paid Member

    As practitioners, we're all familiar with the obstacles that arise during our practice—the "five hindrances" of desire, aversion, laziness, restlessness, and doubt are traditionally the most common roadblocks. But what, specifically, are the things that keep you away from your practice? Is it some manifestation of those pesky hindrances? Or is it something else, such as a lack of time, self-discipline, or a proper space? In this discussion we'd like to explore obstacles to practice. And then, ultimately, we’d like to hear how you are working to overcome these obstacles. After all, we all get stuck. How do you get unstuck?Image: Liu Bolin More »
  • Building the First Holistic Center for Homeless Youth Paid Member

    Nearly half of all homeless youth have experienced sexual, physical or psychological abuse by an immediate family member.   Some youth become homeless when their parents die of poverty or AIDS, others are turned out because of parental neglect or drug abuse and still others because they identify as lesbian, gay or transgender.   All of the homeless youth living in shelters, couch-surfing or working the streets have suffered from trauma, anxiety, fear, isolation, loneliness and hopelessness. More »
  • JuBus and Christian Buddhists Paid Member

    About a year ago, in his piece "Christian Buddhism?" on Buddhist Geeks, Dennis Hunter suggested that we Buddhists ought to more seriously consider the influence of Christianity when we speak of Buddhism in the West. More »