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  • Sitting Pains: A Meditation Month Discussion Paid Member

    This discussion is now closed. It's Meditation Month here at Tricycle! Are you joining us in making the commitment to sit every day of February? Sometimes our meditation feels like it's the easiest thing in the world. An hour floats by like a second, and we're in a state of complete calm and equanimity. Other times, it's a real pain in the butt—literally. Our feet, legs, bottoms, and backs can all be the unlucky recipients of aches and pains while we sit. It's certainly distracting, and if severe, debilitating. More »
  • Buddhist New Year Resolutions: A Discussion with Josh Korda Paid Member

    This discussion is now closed. Please note that your comments will no longer be responded to. Thanks to everyone who participated, and especially to our discussion leader, Josh Korda of Dharmapunx! Happy New Year! Now that it's 2013, how do you hope to grow with your Buddhist practice in the upcoming year? Perhaps you have made a resolution to become more involved in your local sangha, or to practice right speech, or to finally make it to that retreat you've always wanted to go on. Whatever your Buddhist New Year resolution may be, we would love to hear about it! And if you haven't made one yet, now is the perfect time to do so, or to check in with any resolutions you might have made last year. More »
  • Difficult Relationships: A Discussion with Ezra Bayda Paid Member

    This discussion is now closed.   "If you want to test your enlightenment," wrote one Facebook fan on the Tricycle page recently, "stay with your family for a week." More »
  • Holiday Season Healing: Ask the Meditation Doctor with Brad Warner Paid Member

    This discussion is now closed. It's no secret that the holiday season is a true test of your practice. There's no better time to see just how equanimous you've become, and whether you've really peeled away your conditioned behavior, than when you are engaging in the many frustrating activities that dominate the "jolliest" time of the year. So now is the perfect time—when you really need your practice—to clear up any troubles or questions you might have. Is your meditation being disturbed by visions of kicking your in-laws out of the house? Can't concentrate on your mantra due to an eggnog hangover? (We're kidding about that.) Zen monk Brad Warner will be answering any and all questions about your practice all month on Please post them below. More »
  • Sexual Misconduct and the Third Zen Precept: A discussion with Nancy Baker Paid Member

    The Summer 2012 issue of Tricycle featured an article by Zen teacher Nancy Baker on the third Zen precept: refraining from sexual misconduct. In her article, Nancy explored the differences between "sexual misconduct" and "misuse of sex," our conscious and unconscious impulses, the sacred energy of sex, and how we can apply the third Zen precept to modern life. Nancy writes: More »
  • Introduction to Mindfulness with Meditation Doctor Andy Puddicombe Paid Member

    This discussion is now closed. Please be aware that posted questions or comments will no longer be responded to. More »