Buddhist Teachings

  • Tricycle Talk with Shamar Rinpoche Paid Member

    Welcome to the latest installment of Tricycle Talks, our audio interviews with prominent Buddhist voices. More »
  • A Buddhist Holiday Survival Guide: Compassionate Gift Giving Ideas Paid Member

    One way to give compassionately and intelligently this holiday season is to widen the net of those who receive the benefit of your generosity by donating to charities and nonprofit organizations. You can forego traditional presents and instead make a donation in your loved one's name, or you can pledge to donate the amount of money you spend on holiday gifts this year to a worthy cause. More »
  • New Online Retreat: Transforming Self, Transforming Earth: A Buddhist Ecology Paid Member

    It's possible that Hurricane Sandy was an anomaly. Or maybe, just maybe, the Earth is trying to tell us something. As more resources in both the public and private sectors are being put toward sustainable technology and awareness initiatives, our new retreat with professor and Zen teacher David Loy offers yet another way to contemplate the pressing eco-crisis.  Often it seems like a rather daunting task— can an individual actually change the trajectory of our planet? Our December retreat, "Transforming Self, Transforming Earth: A Buddhist Ecology" offers insights into how we can (and must) take responsibility for our individual attitudes that have repercussions on much larger scales.  More »
  • Buddha Buzz: Buddhist News from Around the World, Week of November 26 Paid Member

    Tibetan self-immolations are continuing at an alarming rate. Since the last Buddha Buzz post on November 16, 14 more Tibetans have set themselves on fire to protest the Chinese rule. There's no denying that the self-immolations are occurring with greater frequency. Out of the 89 self-immolations since 2009, 27 of them—about 30%—have taken place this month, according to the International Campaign for Tibet. Two weeks ago, British monk Tonden (David Alain) became the first non-Tibetan to self-immolate, setting himself on fire in the garden of Nalanda monastery, in France, where the resident monks were in retreat. More »
  • Home Funeral Practices for Buddhists: Final Week of Caroline Yongue's Retreat Paid Member

    This week begins "Home Funeral Practices for Buddhists," the final week of Caroline Yongue's retreat on preparing for death. In this last installment, Caroline walks us through the procedures of a home funeral, staging the readings and practices in a mock demonstration.    More »
  • A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Paid Member

    As you prepare for Thanksgiving, please consider this teaching from Lama Shabkar, a Tibetan yogin known for his spontaneous songs. Though it was originally written from the perspective of a sheep, we've changed it around to reflect the coming holiday. For some Thanksgiving vegetarian recipe ideas, go to the next page. More »