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  • Harnessing Anger at the Checkout Line Paid Member

    Last Sunday, Tricycle Community member and magazine contributor Rev. Danny Fisher blogged about a recent unnerving experience in the checkout line of a grocery store. What could have been simply an unpleasant encounter turned into a larger learning experience when Fisher reflected on his own retaliatory response after being provoked by a rude customer. Fisher writes: As I left the store, I wondered about my reaction. What else, if anything, should I have done? Should I have said something more directly? Was there any virue in my snarky response, or was it just snark, plain and simple? Eventually, I found myself thinking about anger and Buddhism, and I remembered a teaching of Lama Surya Das' that I read once: Ultimately, I believe that anger is just an emotion. More »
  • More on mindfulness & Buddhism Paid Member

    A few days back I blogged about a Washington Post article that discussed mindfulness's uses in dealing with diseases like cancer ("It's mindfulness but is it Buddhism? Does it matter?"). Given the number of comments and a few mentions on other blogs (our friend the Rev. Danny Fisher's, to name one), I invited B. Alan Wallace to comment. More »
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    Emasculated by "Buddhism" Paid Member

    Bible-scholar-turned-Buddhist Neil of The New Heretics blog is sick and tired of the self-help ethos that drips into dharma talks and sangha chatter. He finds it downright emasculating, and judging from a few of the sympathetic comments that follow his post, a few women have been likewise put off. From Neil's June 30 post: Tonight in my Sangha marked yet another in a now long-running series of dharma talks that are really just self-help books wrapped in a bit of meditation and the occasional quote from some Buddhist text.... Books like: How Buddhism Can Help You Get Over Past Hurts. How Mindfulness Can Help You Lose Weight. How Meditation Can Heal Past Family Wounds. How Buddhism Can Heal the Wounds of Daddy Not Being There Enough. More »
  • Michael Pollan at Elephant Journal Paid Member

    We've just finished a two-week teaching with Dr. Jan Chozen Bays on Mindful Eating and we've followed up with a podcast featuring an exercise Dr. Bays developed to examine the "seven kinds of hunger" (you'll need food in front of you to participate in this exercise). But beyond our own subjective experience of eating and hunger, sustainability and social impact are not to be overlooked, so we're taking cues from Elephant Journal's ever Buddhist, ever green Waylon Lewis. More »