Buddhist Teachings

  • All the time we need: Lama Surya Das at the Tricycle Book Club Paid Member

    My thesis is that it's not time we lack but focus, priorities, and awareness. For we actually have all the time we need; it all depends on how we choose to use or abuse and lose it.For example: What keeps you from choosing more satisfactorily how you spend your own time? Is it really true, as so many people tell me, that others take a lot of time? Rather than you yourself giving it to them—work, boss, family or whomever—and that therefore you have a lot of choice, whether conscious or not, in such matters? More »
  • Minding Closely: Observing the body as the body internally Paid Member

    Welcome to your body—it might be a bit different from what you had imagined! This is a powerful refrain throughout the Buddha's teachings on the four close applications of mindfulness to the body, feelings, mental states, and phenomena. In the Satipatthana Sutta, he says: More »
  • Natural Bravery: Week four of Gaylon Ferguson's retreat begins today! Paid Member

    The final week of Gaylon Ferguson's Tricycle Retreat, "Natural Bravery," begins today. Throughout the month of September, we've been learning how to work with fear and fearlessness. Week one explored mindfulness of the body, and working with the fear of being with oneself. During the second week we looked at the fear of change, and we used the breath as a way to become familiar and comfortable with the uncertainty of life. Week three we looked at fear itself, and the meditation was to learn how to touch it and be there with it. This week, in "Entering into Creative Action," we will explore two more fears: the fear of open space and the fear of manifesting or being brave in action. More »
  • Week 3 Roundup of Gaylon Ferguson's Tricycle Retreat Paid Member

    Week 3 of Gaylon Ferguson's Tricycle Retreat, "Natural Bravery," comes to a close today. This week we've been looking at fear, and learning how to look at it, touch it, and be there with it.One retreat participant, Peter, observes: More »
  • Natural Bravery: Week 3 of Gaylon Ferguson's Tricycle Retreat Paid Member

    We're in the middle of Week 3 of Gaylon Ferguson's Tricycle Retreat, "Natural Bravery." Watch a short excerpt from this retreat below. Tricycle Retreats are available to Supporting and Sustaining Members of the Tricycle Community. More »
  • Natural Bravery: Week 2 of Gaylon Ferguson's Tricycle Retreat Paid Member

    Week two of Gaylon Ferguson's Tricycle Retreat, "Natural Bravery," comes to a close today. If you've missed the first two weeks, it's not too late to join while Ferguson is still responding to all participants. Week 3 starts on Monday. One student writes: Love this series. It is very basic and one of the toughest instructions to take on as a practitioner. The basic compassion of engaging others is essential, and he is so kind in his vocalizations about things. Very peaceful to listen and try to understand this process through his words. Fear is a barrier to change, which is essential to peace and compassion. I wish I could bow with people more without them thinking oddly of me! Ferguson responds: More »