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    What is Zen? 3 Takes by Robert Aitken Roshi Paid Member

    What is Zen? Many Zen Students and even a few teachers think Zen is a kind of psychology. This is a little like thinking that persimmons are a type of banana. Read what Zen is and what Zen isn't here. More »
  • Daily Dharma: To sum it up, "Don't cling." Paid Member

    There's no school that says "Cling." Liberation is about cutting, or dissolving, or letting go of, or seeing through—choose your image—the attachment to anything. The description of the mind of no-clinging may be different in the different schools, but the experience of the mind of no-clinging is the same. How could it be different? –Joseph Goldstein, from "How Amazing! An Interview with Joseph Goldstein," Tricycle, Summer 1999 Read the complete article. Sign up for the Daily Dharma or Tricycle Community Newsletter More »
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    Jewish sayings of the Buddha Paid Member

    "If there is no self, whose arthritis is this?" "Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Forget this and attaining Enlightenment will be the least of your problems." You'll find more over at the Big Picture. More »
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    Buddhawatch: A thousand Buddhas appear Paid Member

    Wow! Hundreds of Buddha carvings appeared on three cliffs bordering a reservoir in Mei Shan City, Sichuan province. Apparently, they're well enough preserved to discern their different expressions. The reservoir that submerged the Buddhas was apparently built against the wishes of "cultural sectors," according to the People's Daily, which also asserts that water served as a better preservative than air. Buddhatwatch: Post your own favorite Buddhas as comments below and we'll pick a few and put them up. More »
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    Arthur Ashe, Bodhisattva? Paid Member

    Lately, [tennis great Arthur] Ashe’s widow has come to think of him as a Bodhisattva — 'a beautiful Buddhist term for a person who is dedicated to the ultimate welfare of other beings,' as Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe put it the other day. She considers the possibility that Arthur achieved Buddhahood, either during his 49 years or after his life was cut short in 1993 by AIDS from a blood transfusion. Hey, you never know. Read George Vecsey's piece here. More »
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    Images of the Buddha through 2 millennia Paid Member

    It wasn't until several centuries after he'd come and gone that  representations of the Buddha appeared. Until then, the the Awakened One was represented by his absence—footprints, an umbrella shading an empty throne. Once his image appeared, however, an art form flourished for nearly two millennia and continues to this day. At the new Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Gallery of Buddhist Sculpture at London's Victoria and Albert Museum, "47 masterworks, culled from the museum's renowned Asian collections, trace the Buddha's portrayal from the 2nd to 19th centuries, in places as diverse as India, Java and Japan," we read at Time.com. More »