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    Batchelor’s "Confession of a Buddhist Atheist" examined by Mark Vernon Paid Member

    Here’s a review of Stephen Batchelor’s Confession of a Buddhist Atheist from The Guardian's Mark Vernon. Since publishing his best-selling Buddhism Without Beliefs, Stephen has become somewhat controversial in Buddhist circles for his Western approach to the Buddha’s teachings. More »
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    On uprising anniversary, Dalai Lama says China wants to "annihilate Buddhism" Paid Member

    Using stronger words than he usually does, the Dalai Lama accused Beijing of persecuting monastics in Chinese-occupied Tibet: "They are putting the monks and nuns in prison-like conditions, depriving them the opportunity to study and practice in peace," he said, accusing Chinese of working to "deliberately annihilate Buddhism." The Dalai Lama's remarks reflect frequent complaints by Tibetan monks that required political study sessions and visitor demands are depriving them of time for religious study. More »
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    Buddhist Geeks online magazine Paid Member

    The excellent podcast outfit known as Buddhist Geeks has been reborn with a new website and online magazine! Check it out here. Best of luck to Vince and Emily! More »
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    A Flower Blooms in China Paid Member

    A very rare and very small flower grew under a nun's washing machine in China. More »
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    Stephen Batchelor at New York Insight Paid Member

    Book Launch hosted by Tricycle and New York Insight: Confession of a Buddhist Atheist Stephen Batchelor at New York Insight Meditation Center Thursday, March 4, 2010 - 7 p.m.-9 p.m. Stephen’s new book Confession of a Buddhist Atheist tells the story of his thirty-seven-year quest to understand the meaning of Buddhism. It recounts his life as a monk in India and Korea and concludes with his search to discover the historical Buddha. Stephen will talk about the writing of the book and read selected passages. More »
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    The Dalai Lama on Twitter (for real this time) Paid Member

    We all remember the bogus Dalai Lama Twitter account and the tweetheartbreak that followed. Now His Holiness has a verified account (just like Ashton Kutcher.) What is it? @dalailama, natch. If you're part of the Twitterati or whatever it's called this minute (like Tricycle is) give him a follow. As of this posting, HH is at the propitious number of 108,000 followers. UPDATE: The Dalai Lama is not (yet?) personally posting, as the Huffington Post reports. More »