• Allan Badiner: Drugs and Dharma in the 21st Century Paid Member

    Do Buddhism and psychedelics mix? This is a question we think about a lot in the West, and it's important that we do. Consider: Many first-generation Buddhist teachers in the West experimented with psychedelics at some point in their lives. In June, there will be a course at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco entitled "Buddhism and Psychedelics," dedicated to exploring the relationship between drugs and the Buddhist practitioner. CIIS professor and Tricycle contributor Allan Badiner introduces some of the ideas to be discussed in this course in his post "Drugs and Dharma in the 21st Century" on Reality Sandwich. More »
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    A conversation with Jeff Bridges & Bernie Glassman Paid Member

    Last week, Tricycle contributing editor Katy Butler sat down for a joint interview with Zen Peacemakers founder Bernie Glassman (left) and actor Jeff Bridges (right) in Austin, Texas. To find out what they discussed stay tuned to tricycle.com for a video of the interview. Based on the photographs, it looks like it was a lively conversation! Photographs by Seabrook Jones, www.juicythis.com More »
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    iPhone Meditation Redux Paid Member

    Mobile phones work hard to keep us constantly connected and accessible in both our personal and public/ professional lives. As such they may not seem like the most likely candidates to provide a moment of peace, clarity, or stillness in your life, but as mentioned on this blog just about a year ago, there are many meditation-based apps and just plain Buddhist apps that might provide you some relief from the relentless clang, zip, and buzz of modern life. More »
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    Prajnaparamita: Mother of Buddhas Paid Member

    After Clark Strand's Green Meditation retreat, which dwelt at length on the deep and ancient wisdom of The Heart Sutra, I read the book on the sutra by Red Pine (from 2004.) The sutra itself, one of the most famous texts in all of Buddhism, is of course very short—35 lines or so—an extremely dense distillation of Mahayana wisdom. More »
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    Buddhism Not as Nice as It Seems? Paid Member

    Interesting review of Wild Geese: Buddhism in Canada by Douglas Todd in today's Vancouver Sun. More »
  • Why do we gossip? Paid Member

    As yourself why you gossip. If you're stumped, Nancy Baker, in "The Buddhist Guide to Gossip," has a few answers: More »