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    Sacred Hoops and Spirit in Sport Paid Member

    A recent post on the NBA finals got Editor-at-Large Andrew Cooper thinking and he wrote to me: More »
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    Being a Green Bodhisattva, Week 6: Wisdom Paid Member

    Clark Strand, who led a Tricycle Retreat on Green Meditation in March, recently wrote six short pieces on the paramitas (transcendent perfections) from the perspective of a Green Bodhisattva. The first was Generosity. Today's, the most recent, is Wisdom. He begins today's teaching with a puzzle: The Prajnaparamita Sutras are the foundation of Mahayana Buddhism. Prajna means wisdom, and paramita means “perfect” or “transcendent.” But perfect in comparison to what? What does wisdom transcend? More »
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    See beautiful art from "In the Realm of the Buddha" Paid Member

    James Shaheen mentioned the "In the Realm of the Buddha" exhibition at Washington's Arthur M. Sackler Gallery of Art in this post, but you're missing out if you don't see some of the amazing art from the show. (A slideshow is here.) The exhibit combines an earlier exhibit, "Lama, Patron, Artist: The Great Situ Panchen," which opened last year at the RMA in New York, and "The Tibetan Shrine from the Alice S. Kandell Collection." More »
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    Ken McLeod on Faith and Belief Paid Member

    In a recent post on his blog Musings, Ken McLeod discusses two familiar terms: faith and belief. How he understands these terms, however, might not be so familiar. He argues that belief is a closed system in which we rely on past conditioning and ideas to interpret our experiences. Faith, he says, is a much more open way of operating where we still allow past conditioning and ideas to arise, but we are not bound by them: We remain open to both mysteries and new ideas. Ken writes: More »
  • From our friends at Ocean of Dharma: What makes a great teacher? Paid Member

    Visit the Ocean of Dharma blog and you may just win a free copy of The Collected Works of Dilgo Khyentse, one of the great Tibetan teachers of the last century. But you'll have to visit Ocean of Dharma and let them know what you think makes a great teacher. Recently, Triker Monty McKeever blogged on his own childhood experiences of Dilgo Khyentse and on his excitement about the upcoming visit of his 17-year-old incarnation, Khyentse Yangsi. For more about the Ocean of Dharma collected-works offer, see Carolyn Gimian's email pasted below. Carolyn is founding director of the Shambhala Archives. CELEBRATING DILGO KHYENTSE More »