• Freedom and Consciousness Paid Member

    The gift bequeathed to us by the Buddha is the possibility of seeing how consciousness can become liberated from desire, allowing it to cognize objects more intimately without the intermediary epiphenomenon of a subject. When desire is replaced by equanimity, and awareness of all phenomena thus unfolds without reference to self, we gain the freedom to move along with change rather than setting ourselves against it. -Andrew Olendzki, "Self as Verb" (Summer 2005) Read the complete article here. Sign up to receive Tricycle's Daily Dharma emails here. More »
  • Termite "Buddha" draws thousands Paid Member

    Thousands of Vietnamese have flocked to a rubber farm in the southern Binh Duong province of Vietnam to see the work of a group of very unusual sculptors---termites. The insects have created a nest that vaguely resembles the Buddha sitting in meditation posture. Via bigpondnews.com: 'Police and local authorities asked them to leave but others keep coming,' Vo Van Cuong, of the Rubber Company of Ben Cat, said. He said thousands of people from southern Binh Duong province and neighbouring areas had rushed to the forest site. The 40cm tall nest resembles Buddha sitting in meditation, Dantri International news website reported. More »
  • Watch: Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel on Empowerment Paid Member

    Teacher, scholar, and author Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel speaks about the essential purpose of empowerment: to awaken our potential. She begins, Like all things on the Buddhist path, all the rituals, teachings, and practices have to do with awakening your Buddha potential, or clarity of mind.  The promise for all this is that we naturally have this wakeful mind but it gets obscured or confused. (continued) More »
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    Future of Buddhism Paid Member

    The inimitable Gary Gach is, among many other things, the curator of the Tricycle Community's largest discussion, the Haiku Club. (It has many photos and other goodies in addition to haiku.) One of the many other things Gary's done recently is to edit a section of the pan-religious site Patheos.com on The Future of Buddhism. More »
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    Waking Up Paid Member

    Buddhism is founded and has its raison d’etre in terms of this experience that the Buddha, or at that time he was simply Siddhartha Gotama had beneath the bodhi tree in what is now called Bodhgaya.  This experience is often referred to as enlightenment but strictly speaking I think it’s more useful to and more correct to think of it as awakening.  Now what is the difference?  Both terms, Enlightenment and Awakening, are metaphoric.  Enlightenment is based on the metaphor of light and awakening on the metaphor of waking up.  The word in Pali and in Sanskrit is Bodhi.  Bodhi has it’s roots in the idea of waking up, it doesn’t suggest at all the idea of illumination, or enlightening, or light.  The Buddha does in other contexts use that metaphor—he says that what he’s experienced has shed light on things but the key term is about waking up.  Now what this means is that what happened to the Buddha beneath this tree is comparable, or is similar to, the experience that each of More »
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    The Teacher Does not Teach Paid Member

    What teaches us is a particular state of mind, a present mind which we already have but don't know how to enter. It is not only a mind of the buddhas of the past, a vertical lineage—but a present mind, a horizontal lineage. So the teacher doesn't teach us, so much as shows us how to realize and cultivate this state of mind and then this state of mind teaches us. The present Mind—the present ancient Mind—teaches us, if we know how to embed ourselves in it. One way to do that is to turn dead words into living words. Ordinary life into the living Path. -Richard Baker Roshi Read the full article: The Long Learning Curve: An Interview With Richard Baker Roshi More »