BuddhaFest Online Film Festival

  • BuddhaFest: Filmmaker Christina Lundberg on For the Benefit of All Beings Paid Member

    For the Benefit of All Beings is the fifth film showing at the Tricycle BuddhaFest Online Film Festival, and is available for streaming. Below is a short Q&A with Christina Lundberg about the film.Join the Tricycle Community to watch For the Benefit of All Beings and five other Buddhist films through July 4. What inspired you to make For the Benefit of All Beings? Many students over the years had requested to Garchen Rinpoche that there be a movie made about his life story. Rinpoche finally agreed and asked me to make a movie that would help his students remember him after he passed away. More »
  • BuddhaFest Teaching: Enkyo Roshi on social engagement Paid Member

    There is a Zen koan that asks what does the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, the embodiment of compassion, do with all those hands and eyes?Since she began teaching 25 years ago, Enkyo Roshi has fostered the imperative of social engagement in the practice of Zen Buddhism at her center in New York City. The question of what to do with all those “ hands and eyes” points us to the heart of the matter: how do we fully engage in our life, which is also the life of the world? How do our Buddhist teachings and practices lead us naturally to a life that actively engages the world around us?Roshi will discuss such dangers on the path as infatuation with other-worldliness, the illusion of separateness, and self-centered practice. How can we move into a more skillful understanding of the teachings? How can we be aware, courageous and wise? More »
  • BuddhaFest: Filmmaker Johanna Demetrakas on Crazy Wisdom Paid Member

    In this (two-part) video Filmmaker Johanna Demetrakas talks about Crazy Wisdom, her documentary about the life and times of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Crazy Wisdom will be showing at the Tricycle BuddhaFest Online Film Festival starting this Monday, June 27. All six films from the festival will be available through July 4. Get your festival pass here. More »
  • BuddhaFest Teaching: Lama Tsony on Crazy Wisdom Paid Member

    During the funeral for the 16th Karmapa, in Sikkim, India, Lama Tsony had a brief but significant encounter with Chögyam Trunga—a thunderbolt, as he describes it. Bolstered by the fearlessness of compassionate wisdom, Chögyam Trungpa moved away from his background and culture and embraced life as it presented itself to him. He accepted reality as it was. By embracing the times he lived in, he turned the art of living into an enlightened master class on contemporary culture. Much to the shock, dismay and delight of others, he embodied a quality of fearlessness that was like licking honey off a razor blade. More »
  • BuddhaFest: Crazy Wisdom starts Monday! Paid Member

    "I wanted the audience to feel like they had met Trungpa," says Crazy Wisdom filmmaker Johanna Demetrakas. "I want people to leave the theater feeling like they had spent an hour and a half in his presence."Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche's presence is legendary. Consider: Allen Ginsberg considered him his guru; Thomas Merton wanted to write a book with him; Pema Chodron was his student and Joni Mitchell wrote a song about him. He inspired a huge Buddhist movement in the West. Crazy Wisdom looks at the "life and times" of this major, if controversial, Buddhist figure. Crazy Wisdom is a long time coming. Demetrakas spent five years researching the film and four more years making it. Many Tricycle Community Members have said that it's the film that they are most excited about in the first Tricycle BuddhaFest Online Film Festival. More »
  • Magical Moments: BuddhaFest in DC Paid Member

    There was a magical moment at BuddhaFest in DC this past weekend. Actually there were plenty but one stands out in particular, for me personally. I was chatting with Roshi Pat Enkyo O'Hara before she was about to give a talk, trying to figure out where to put a voice recorder so that we could post the audio to tricycle.com. "Do you want me to press record right before I start?" Roshi asked."Don't worry about it," I said. "We can edit it so that all that we use is the teaching."That exchange was it, my magical moment. Nothing special about it. That's why it meant so much to me. I thought, How lucky am I, that I get to work so closely with so many wonderful teachers? How amazing is it that I get to be at BuddhaFest as a part of my job? More »