• If you could ask the Buddha one question, what would it be? Paid Member

    Thanissaro Bhikkhu's new book Skill in Questions deals with the difficult business of being discriminating with our questions.  It may be true that there are no stupid questions, but there are questions which it is pointless to answer. Thanissaro Bhikkhu has pointed out the importance of questioning in the Buddhist canon for some time. Since the dialogue form dominates the better known parts of the Pali canon, we shouldn't be shocked to find questions are so important. And the role of the dialogue is of course foundational to western thought as well, with the Socratic method or elenchus. From the introduction to Skill in Questions: More »
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    Broken Down Buddha Paid Member

    Stumbled across this graffiti Buddha image today. A coworker titled it the "Needs Medicine Buddha." From the Flickr photostream of Dan Caspersz More »
  • Introducing the Tricycle Teachers Fund Paid Member

    The subject of Thanissaro Bhikkhu's Tricycle Retreat is the Ten Perfections, also known as the paramis (Pali) or paramitas (Sanskrit). The Perfections comprise primary Buddhist virtues that are essential on the path to enlightenment. (Read more about the Ten Perfections here.) Dana—generosity—is a cornerstone of the Ten Perfections. This month we are pleased to introduce the Tricycle Teachers Fund to support Buddhist teachers, who offer the teachings freely. The practice of dana by students and laypeople has been vital in supporting Buddhist teachers since the time of the Buddha. More »
  • Life Belongs to Those Who Preserve Life Paid Member

    The Tricycle Book Club is discussing Lin Jensen's Deep Down Things: The Earth in Celebration and Dismay! Look for daily excerpts from the book on the Tricycle Blog to inspire the conversation, which is happening here. From Deep Down Things: More »
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    Joseph Goldstein at InsightLA, January 4th Paid Member

    This afternoon I spoke with Vipassana teacher Joseph Goldstein today about his upcoming event at InsightLA, the difficulties of this "most wonderful time of the year" (December Dukkha) and more. We'll have the audio up on the site soon. In the meantime, if you're in southern California in the new Year, be sure to check out his InsightLA event. A few years back, several teachers volunteered their time and wisdom to answer questions from Tricycle readers. Joseph Goldstein was among them. In one of his answers he expressed this thought:More »
  • Why the Buddha Smiled Paid Member

    A Tricycle community member forwarded me a link to Why the Buddha Smiled by Marianne Marquez this morning, which I was very happy to learn is now available for free on the web here.  It is a complilation of quotes from and about the Buddha, each paired with a photograph or work of art.  Here are some examples: More »