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    Tricycle visits Bhikkhu Bodhi at Chuang Yen Monastery Paid Member

    Earlier this week, some Tricyclers were lucky enough to make it up to Carmel, New York in order to visit with Bhikkhu Bodhi at Chuang Yen Monastery. Chuang Yen is a Chinese Chán monastery, and my colleague Monty was immediately moved by the fact that Bhikkhu Bodhi, a Theravada Monk, takes residence there, saying, "At the end of the day Buddhists truly are one big family." More »
  • Fake Monks and Buddha Thievery Paid Member

    Has anybody read the Bangkok Post lately? Seems like the paper is absolutely determined to expose all Buddhist fraud and thievery these days. First, in "Bogus Monks exploit Buddhism," we learn of foreign monks immigrating to Thailand in order to illegally ordain as monks and beg residents for alms. The Post reports: More »
  • Bad Karma Paid Member

    In the Tricycle office this morning we discussed karma and rebirth at our morning meeting and how, while opinions vary widely on the subjects, the concept is freely used and often with little understanding. Most of all karma (which literally means "action") is thought to be responsible for fortune and misfortune in our lives, an attitude that is no different than calling natural disasters "divine punishment." (We heard this from the governor of Tokyo about the tsunami, and also heard that 4 in 10 Americans believe natural disasters are signs from God.) More »
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    A Sutra Noir: The Big Awakening Paid Member

    Nearly thirty years ago, Tricycle’s features editor, Andrew Cooper, wrote a fine piece of Buddhist humor that made the rounds in various Buddhist publications. It is an imagined Buddhist sutra told in the voice of a hard-boiled detective of the Sam Spade style—a sutra noir, if you will. It first appeared in the Zen Center of Los Angeles journal The Ten Directions, and a revised version was published about six years back in Inquiring Mind, and more recently in the anthology The Best of Inquiring Mind. We figured the time had come to post it here for members of the Tricycle community.The Big AwakeningBy Andrew Cooper More »
  • Visit a Melting Ice Buddha at the Rubin Museum of Art Paid Member

    This is very cool. Artist Atta Kim has sculpted a 5 1/2 feet tall, 1,300 pound seated buddha out of ice. Starting tonight at 6 p.m. the sculpture will be on display at NYC's Rubin Museum of Art as part of their Grain of Emptiness: Buddhism-Inspired Contemporary Art exhibit. It will be on view until it completely melts, a process that the should take several days.Want to visit a melting ice buddha in the middle of the night? The museum will be open overnight on Friday and remain open through normal hours on Saturday, closing at 6 p.m. More »
  • Buddhists and Evolution Paid Member

    Blogging for the Chicago Tribune, Stephen Asma recently wrote about Buddhists and evolution: More »