• Minding Closely: Observing the body as the body internally Paid Member

    Welcome to your body—it might be a bit different from what you had imagined! This is a powerful refrain throughout the Buddha's teachings on the four close applications of mindfulness to the body, feelings, mental states, and phenomena. In the Satipatthana Sutta, he says: More »
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    Best Spiritual Writing 2012 Paid Member

    Two articles from Tricycle, Noa Jones's "Where the Buddha Woke Up" and features editor Andrew Cooper's "The Debacle," were just published in the Penguin anthology The Best Spiritual Writing 2012. The anthology also contains an article by Tricycle contributing editor Pico Iyer from Portland magazine. Since the Jewish High Holy Days are upon us, we thought we'd include here the opening section from "The Debacle," a uniquely Jewish start to a Buddhist essay. More »
  • At the Tricycle Book Club: Minding Closely with B. Alan Wallace Paid Member

    During the month of September, in partnership with Snow Lion Publications, all Tricycle Community Members can get B. Alan Wallace's new book, Minding Closely, at a 20% discount with free shipping in the US*, plus free e-book for instant download. Get the book now.From the preface of Minding Closely: More »
  • Tibetan monks found chanting text by Oxford philosopher Paid Member

    Last week, I blogged about Derek Parfit, an Oxford philosopher featured in a recent issue of The New Yorker. In her article on Parfit, "How to Be Good," Larissa MacFarquhar writes about the apparent affinity between Parfit's view and the Buddhist view of the self. To demonstrate this point MacFarquhar includes a parenthetical anecdote about Tibetan monks chanting lines from Parfit's book, Reasons and Persons. This struck me as fairly remarkable, so I wrote to The New Yorker to try to get the backstory. MacFarquhar put me in touch with Harvard professor of ethics and public health, Dan Wikler, who originally provided her with the story. Quoted below is part of an email that I received from Wikler. More »
  • Practical Matters: How to benefit most from mindfulness practice Paid Member

    We're reading B. Alan Wallace's new book, Minding Closely: The Four Applications of Mindfulness, at the Tricycle Book Club. Join us to discuss both the theory and practice of mindfulness. From Minding Closely: More »
  • 20 Years, 20 Teachings: The Tricycle 20th Anniversary E-book Paid Member

    In a recent blog post, "Tired of hiding? Speak up," I highlighted an exchange between two Tricycle Community Members. This was meant to demonstrate how and Tricycle the print magazine can effectively combine for community building. In his introductory letter to 20 Years, 20 Teachings: The Tricycle 20th Anniversary E-book, Editor & Publisher James Shaheen also writes about how moving online has helped foster a sense of community. He writes: More »