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    Burmese Blogger Nay Phone Latt sentenced to 20 years in prison Paid Member

    A Burmese blogger, Nay Phone Latt, was sentenced to twenty years and six months in prison for mocking the brutal and humorless criminals who run Burma. His blog, in Burmese, is here. (The standoff between Burma and Bangladesh has ended as well. More »
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    Money, Sex, War, Karma Paid Member

    I am currently reading David Loy’s sensationally titled Money, Sex, War, Karma: Notes for a Buddhist Revolution. It is probably the most thought-provoking book on Buddhist themes that I have read for several years. MSWK comprises a series of fourteen essays that address major cultural, political, economic, and spiritual issues from a Buddhist perspective. The book is written in a direct, urgent, yet almost conversational style. Topics include money, time, Karma, sex, attention, ecology, food, and war. More »
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    Wendy Johnson Paid Member

    Tricycle's longtime contributor Wendy Johnson continues to pop up right and left. An article in Voice of America profiles her work at Green Gulch, while Wendy herself will be reading from her new book, Gardening at the Dragon's Gate, at East West bookstore in Manhattan tonight at 7:45 pm (78 Fifth Ave., between 13th and 14th Sts). More »
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    New book from Joan Halifax Paid Member

    Joan Halifax's Being with Dying: Cultivating Compassion and Fearlessness in the Presence of Death is now available in hardcover. Joan's Spring 2008 article for Tricycle, "The Lucky Dark," addressed the topic of how best to prepare a gentle and meaningful death for our loved ones and for ourselves. It's available for free here. More »
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    Where are the poets of yesteryear? Paid Member

    The great religious figures are not philosophers, they're not historians, they're not institutional leaders in any sense. They are people who inspire the imagination and therefore deserve the word "poet." In Salon, religious studies scholar James Carse argues that religion does not necessitate belief -- but that poetry is necessary to religion. His new book is The Religious Case Against Belief. More »
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    Lynda Barry in New York City Paid Member

    Famed graphic novelist Lynda Barry's in town, and Tricycle contributing editor and founding art director Frank Olinsky went to see her at last night's crowded book signing at lower Manhattan's Strand bookstore, with its famed "8 Miles of Books"--or at least that's how they touted it when I worked there way back in 1983. Frank met Lynda a few decades ago, and when he read about the upcoming publication of her latest book What It Is, he called and asked her to contribute to Tricycle. More »