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    Stand with Tibet; Beastie Boys Speak Out; Young Tibetans Reject the Dalai Lama Paid Member

    From Precious Metal: Stand With Tibet, an online petition. Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys asks that you contact your Congressperson. More »
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    Bodhidharma's Shoe Paid Member

    Two-part movie of a dai-sesshin at Bodhi Manda in New Mexico with Joshu Sasaki Roshi, the last of the O.G. Japanese Zen "missionaries" to America. (See A Century of Zen, about his hundredth birthday.) The film is by Tom Davenport, who writes: I will be taking this film off in a few days. This is a draft version -- there some mistakes -- Bodhi Manda is a "Zen Center" -- not a monastery. The Roshi leads about 18 seven days sesshins a year, not 30, but still an impressive number! Also delivery of the narration and camera moves on the still pictures can be improved. More »
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    Life in Lhasa Paid Member

    A photo essay on Slate. This weekend in 1989, martial law was formally imposed on the Tibetan capital of Lhasa by the Chinese government amid growing protests by Tibetans and violent crackdowns. Magnum presents portraits of Lhasans and images of the transition the country has had to undergo in recent years. [Photo: LHASA, Tibet—A monk at Jokhang Temple, 2000. © Steve McCurry / Magnum Photos] More »
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    Buddha Wild Paid Member

    Buddha Wild - The Monk in a Hut, directed by Anna Wilding, will screen at Tibet House on March 19th. The film is up for a major award in India. More »
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    Panchen Lama Too Young for Politics, Burmese and Sri Lankan News Paid Member

    China has apparently changed its mind and now says Beijing's Panchen Lama is too young for politics. The Dalai Lama's choice for Panchen Lama remains hidden somewhere, probably under arrest. having undergone years of "re-education." U.N> special envoy Ibrahim Gambari heads back to Burma. Will he diplomatically express his dissatisfaction with Burma's "roadmap to democracy?" India, the world's largest democracy, is tightening ties with Burma. They are neighbors after all. Can India use its considerable leverage to ameliorate the situation? Time will tell, but first the money has to start flowing. Imagine your next-door neighbor beats up his wife. But he sells you lots of things you want very cheaply and lets you park your RV in his driveway. More »
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    Frank Olinsky's blog Paid Member

    Tricycle contributing editor Frank Olinsky has had a hand in many cool designs over the years including the original Tricycle logo and the timeless MTV logo, and now he has his own blog. The excellent picture here is taken from there and is called "Dogs Waiting for Their Humans." Don't you love it? You can find it supersized on Frank's blog, alongside many other cool pictures, logos, and designs. More »