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    Buddhism, from peerless caves to the silver screen Paid Member

    The New York Times has a lengthy article on Mogaoku, the "peerless caves" in Dunhuang, China. Decorated with devotional paintings and sculptures dating back to the fifth century, the caves are rapidly deteriorating due to increased tourism as well as the natural ravages of time. Writer Holland Cotter muses, The question of access versus preservation is a poignant one and is by no means confined to Mogaoku. It applies to many fragile monuments. What are we willing to give up to keep what we have? More »
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    "I believe that flowers can blossom from anguish and inhumanity." Paid Member

    That's Japanese artist Ikuo Hirayama in an NPR interview, talking about the core belief that compels him to create. Hiramaya was fifteen years old and living in Hiroshima when the U.S. detonated the atomic bomb in 1945. His paintings, including a series on the Silk Road, address Buddhist themes of hope and change. More »
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    An Xiao Now Paid Member

    A portfolio of work by An Xiao--photographer, poet, Buddhist, and all-around superstar--is up on Tricycle's website, along with an exclusive interview. Check it out! New Yorkers can enjoy An Xiao's work in two additional places this summer: An Xiao at Alphabet Scoop, with StreetHaiku Ice Cream An Xiao will be showing her popular Coney Island photos, including one from her new Coney Island Snow series, at Alphabet Scoop, a homemade ice cream store in Alphabet City. More »
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    Lynda Barry in New York City Paid Member

    Famed graphic novelist Lynda Barry's in town, and Tricycle contributing editor and founding art director Frank Olinsky went to see her at last night's crowded book signing at lower Manhattan's Strand bookstore, with its famed "8 Miles of Books"--or at least that's how they touted it when I worked there way back in 1983. Frank met Lynda a few decades ago, and when he read about the upcoming publication of her latest book What It Is, he called and asked her to contribute to Tricycle. More »
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    Buddhist Chaplains and a Hip-Hop Duo Paid Member

    Danny Fisher speaks with Joan Halifax Roshi about Buddhist chaplaincy and many other things. And music from hip-hop duo Shambhala on The Worst Horse. More »
  • Lynda Barry in the Times Paid Member

    Not to brag or anything, but I think The New York Times may have a bit of a crush on us. Hot on the heels of columnist Wendy Johnson's profile last week comes an article about artist/author Lynda Barry, whose drawings of meditating monkeys, along with an original essay, are featured in our Summer 2008 issue. More »