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    Asian Contemporary Art Fair New York Paid Member

    Thursday afternoon, Tricycle caught a press-preview glimpse of this weekend’s Asian Contemporary Art Fair New York. Located on Manhattan’s Pier 92, the event features over 80 galleries from 15 countries, this year including artists from the Middle East and Central Asia. We were particularly taken by Ran Hwang’s expansive, glittering pin-and-button wall installations. Be on the lookout for her work in upcoming issues. Some of Hwang’s installations can be seen here. Another of our favorites was the exhibition of the Tibetan Bridge Foundation, an educational nonprofit working to build a community center in a village in Eastern Tibet. More »
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    Gary Snyder in the New Yorker Paid Member

    A profile by Dana Goodyear and poetry. There's a blogpost about the profile, which isn't online. More »
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    Buddha Chick Paid Member

    This illustration is by Liz Whelan and comes our way thanks to Frank Olinsky, our founding art director. The artist describes Buddha Chick as "one of those people who decides to become a Buddhist because she thinks it's cool." Well, we think Liz and her illustration are cool. Click image to embiggen it. More »
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    Bhutanese art visits the U.S. Paid Member

    With pretty pictures. More »
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    Saliva Relics Paid Member

    An old Buddha head (from a statue) was dug up in Pakistan. No, it wasn't cut off by the Taliban, but rather dates way way back, maybe all the way to Bactrian Greek times when the first Budda statues were made, since a coin from that era was also found in the vicinity. And this exhibition of Buddha relics in Malaysia includes saliva relics. Excellent. And nine Buddhist leaders including Bob Thurman speak out on issues of the day. Buddhist leaders don't have to be calm and polite all the time, and they're always engaged. More »
  • More on China's lack of press freedom; Salzberg; Solzhenitsyn Paid Member

    More on China's anxious mix of almost-freedom (for foreigners) and increased repression (for its own citizens.) A German rights-group criticizes the IOC for its role in the press restrictions. Sharon Salzberg has a new blog post at Huffington Post. And the literary giant Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn has died. From his Times obituary: He wrote that while an ordinary man was obliged “not to participate in lies,” artists had greater responsibilities. “It is within the power of writers and artists to do much more: to defeat the lie!” More »